Thursday, April 8, 2010

Project Runway: Season Seven, Episode 12

BRYANT PARK: Emilio, Seth Aaron, Mila and Jay
AUF'd: Anthony

What a fun challenge, right? Designing fashion inspired by the circus must be SO much fun, especially the part where you get to actually watch a circus show. A traditional circus show. I know Cirque du Soleil has been all the rage for the last 10 years or so, but there's a reason Barnum & Bailey's is still going strong. It's the "Greatest Show on Earth!" As for the fashions, I loved how every design looked so avant garde and over the top. Drama! I love it!

My initial reactions to each look:
Jay: He actually managed to make that Michael Jackson jacket look like it wasn't a Michael Jackson jacket. The open neckline made all the difference. I wish he had done it in less circus-y colors because it did strike me as almost too similar to an actual circus ring leader costume.

Mila: I HATE this outfit! It was costume from start to finish, in my opinion. Awful, just awful.

Anthony: Nice gown, but not anywhere close to the drama needed for a final challenge garment.

Emilio: Why did he have to add those polka dots? I think it would have been FLAWLESS if it wasn't for the polka dots. But that's just my opinion. I don't think the polka dots ruined the look, I just would have preferred it without them. To me, the stripes were so striking that I didn't need the polka dots.

Seth Aaron: If the sleeves had been shorter or maybe if the garment had been sleeveless, I would have liked it better. I still love the outfit because of how dramatic it was and because of the gravity-defying collars.

As for the judges reactions, I LOVE how Michael and Heidi FULL ON went up to the runway to feel Anthony's gown fabric. I also LOVE that everyone loved Emilio's gown the best. It was my favorite, too.

This is always the episode where they ask the designers, "Why should you go to fashion week?" and "Who should go with you?" I wish they'd call me up and ask, "Renee, whose collections would YOU like to see?" But it doesn't work that way goshdarnit. But let's suppose they did ask me that, my answer would be, "Emilio, Seth Aaron and Anthony." I am NOT a Mila fan and I think Jay's designs are something I've already seen. I rarely feel like Jay is being incredibly innovative. Meanwhile, I think that Seth Aaron and Emilio are always incredibly creative and Anthony's just SO entertaining. That's why I'd pick those three.

I love the twist with Jay and Mila at the end- it's just like the season with Chris March and Rami. I hope Jay brings it because I really don't like Mila. I don't like her designs and I don't like her personality. I don't have any interest in seeing a Mila collection to be honest. But time will tell how it all plays out.

Who would you pick? Do you agree with the judges decision? Leave a comment!


Beth said...

So, I missed the episode, and I just had to look at the PR site to see the clothes. WOW. There was some serious (or rather, wacked-out, Tim-Burton-does-circus) circus going on. I agree with you on everything. I thought Jay's was way too literal an interpretation of the ringmaster, and I thought Mila's was just ugly. She and Seth Aaron went at it from similar angles, but he reached a much better, more surreal place. I did like Emilio's, but I worry that it verges on pirate ball a little too much for anyone (i.e. a celeb) to actually wear it.

Finally, I'm going to take it back to Season 3 and Jeffrey Sebelia (although I also love Jay and Santino). Remember that yellow gown he made? It was so surprising and distinctively Jeffrey and weird and couture. I was wishing for something that inspired last night, and I didn't feel like we saw it.

Beth said...

I loved Anthony's design but I too was laughing when Michael and Heidi went up to feel it. Too bad for them. I predict it will be emilio and Seth Aaron at the end with Emilio winning out.. as much as I hate his attitude

Timothy said...

I liked the idea behind Anthony's dress and that his inspiration was so different from the other designer's but I thought the model looked like she had the dress on backwards. It made her look flat chested. I thought she looked like a P-Town drag queen...not good.

Emilio's dress was gorgeous. His decision to add the color on the bodice was spot on, and I loved the polka dots; that's what made it feel "circus" to me.

I love Seth Aaron as a designer, but I thought this look was way too costume-y. She looked like a Tim Burton character to me. Also, the pants were not flattering (as Michael not so subtley pointed out--"crazy crotch!")

Jay's was a snooze for me. Not bad. Just not interesting. Jay is also not my favorite designer this season, so I'm a little biased.

I actually liked Mila's. I liked that it was separates, and her jacket was so sharp. The colors were garish, but given the inspiration, it worked for me. I do wish it wasn't quite so shiny-all-over. I give her credit for having a distinct point of view though.

Speaking of distinct Points of View, I feel like there are three designers left who have them, and those are the three I'd want to see at the end: Emilio, Seth Aaron, and Mila.

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