Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Way bay in the beginning stages of this blog... who am I kidding- I'm STILL in the beginning stages! But seriously, way back when I first started this blog, I wrote about Diane von Furstenberg's amazing creation: the wrap dress. She's still making stunning wrap dresses, even to this day, but DVF is not limited to that one (amazing) style. She has an incredible knack for designing dresses that are oh-so flattering on a woman's body, not to mention super feminine and fun. Some of my faves:
Tie waist shirt dress, Neiman Marcus, $195 (on sale!)

Estovan print silk dress, Saks Fift Avenue, $325

I'm not necessarily an advocate of purchasing designer brands just for the sake of it, in fact, you all know that I frequently try to find the "look for less." My personal budget doesn't allow for oodles of DVF dresses (*sigh* someday, maybe), but if you can afford to shop high end, I recommend you do it for one reason: high end means high quality. The cut, the fabric, the construction- all of these will be of exceptional quality. If you're shopping for something trendy that will likely be out of fashion in a month or two, then obviously it seems silly to make an investment of $300-$400, but if you are purchasing a classic piece that you will wear for years, then it's not so silly anymore. Consider how many times you will wear an individual piece. Let's say over the next 3 years (not a very long time) you wear the tie-waist shirt dress pictured at the top ten different times (which is not very many times for a 3 year span). The cost-per-wear is now only $19.50! When shopping for investment pieces, I recommend you consider the cost-per-wear, as opposed to just the number on the price tag.

So if you had the means, which designer would you choose to indulge in? For me, it's DVF all the way- her clothing works for my body type. Leave a comment and let me know! I'm always curious as to who your favorite designers are.

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Natalya's Closet said...

I love all three dresses, and of course anything by DVF! I cant afford her clothes either, but these looks are lovely! XOXO

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