Friday, April 23, 2010

Project Runway: Season Seven, Finale

WINNER: Seth Aaron! WHOO HOO!!!

It's funny how I can feel SO strongly about certain contestants throughout the season, but once the finale hits, I genuinely want each person to experience tremendous success. I may not like their designs or their personalities, or the way they played the game, but in the end, if they've made it to Bryant Park, I feel they deserve to succeed. Of course it makes for great TV if someone bombs, but I'd rather see the competition be so close that it's a nearly impossible decision for the judges.

That being said, I was really rooting for Seth Aaron. He reminds me a lot of Jeffrey Sebalia, but a little more goth than rocker. Despite the fact that "goth" doen't in any way describe the type of clothing I like to wear, I would love to wear SO MANY of Seth Aaron's pieces. To me, they were exciting,innovative and visually interesting without being too busy or over-designed.

As for Mila, I wish she would have used some more color. I'm SO over her black and white color scheme. It's interesting for a little while and then it's just boring. Even the outfit SHE wore was black and white! I just don't see any exuberance in her collection. To me, it was not an exciting collection.

Finally, Emilio had some great pieces, but I didn't feel his collection was as complete or as striking as Seth Aaron's. I admit, it's really super cool that Emilio made his own print fabric. Also, I died for his bright blue jacket- I would LOVE to wear that jacket.

So how do you all feel about Seth Aaron's win? I'm so happy for him- he definitely deserved it. I hope to see more from him in the future. I hope to see more from Emilio, too. Mila? I don't need to see any more of her clothes. Sorry, Mila. Michael Kors may love your leggings, but I'm over it.

It's so sad when a season ends- I don't know what I'll do with myself on Thursday nights now!


Beth said...

I totally agree with your assessment. I thought the most interesting thing Mila made was a purple (hello color) cardigan that was strips in the back (so you only saw it for two seconds as the model walked away). And I don't get why everyone loved Emilio's gown. It did move exquisitely, but I think on a red carpet, it would look dated and disco because of the color. Seth Aaron's collection had so much detail and life, I was thrilled that he won. Ultimately, however, I think the most interesting piece of the evening was the dress that Heidi was wearing! I LOVED the shoulders, and I just wanted to look at it and look at it and figure it out.

Meghan Smeltzer said...

You can watch Fringe on Thrsdays! or the marriage ref! both are very entertaining! BTW, as you know, I know nothing of this show or it's contestante, but it's really creepy that the winner has the names of my 2 last boyfriends....weird yo...

Taylor said...

Haven't watched it yet but I don't mind being spoiled because he was my favorite going into the finale, as was Kristina as his model. Can't wait to watch tonight! (Oh, and Real Housewives of Wherever is on Thurs at 10pm... way to feel better about yourself, watching those crazy morons!)

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Taylor, I have to admit the Real Housewives are a total guilty pleasure of mine- especially New York and New Jersey!

Timothy said...

Emilio was my favorite designer throughout the season, but I was actually happy he didn't win...honestly, his head had gotten so big it's a wonder it fit inside the Bryant Park tent. I really think that not winning was better for him and his attitude which had become so insufferable the last few weeks. Also, it's pretty clear to me that Emilio's "line" as Michael Kors said, is pretty much ready to sell. He doesn't need the prizes as much as Seth Aaron, whose clothes still needed some editing, even if they were the best "collection."

I have been a Mila fan all season, and I actually loved her collection. . .I thought it was the easiest to wear of the three. Many of the pieces would be flattering on many body types; you didn't have to be stick thin to wear her clothes. That said, the lack of color was disappointing, and there wasn't enough drama throughout the collection for it to be Project Runway worthy. I thought Seth Aaron was a worthy winner, and was pleased with the outcome.

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