Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rate My Look- Big hair

I've posted before about my desire for big, trashy hair. I am blessed with bone-straight, superfine hair that protests any attempts I make to add volume. Every once in a blue moon, I'll manage to tease it into submission, only to have it deflate mere moments after I leave the house. Today I was SO proud of my bump and NO, this is all me- no BumpIt enhancement was used. I was so excited about my poof, that I decided to go a step further and sport the side-ponytail along with it. Go big or go home, right? I can only pull off the side-pony if I've got the height on top to balance it out, so I had to seize the opportunity. And the most amazing part of it all? It STAYED super high all. day. long. How exciting is that? I tried to get a good close-up when I was taking pictures this evening after work, but the sun wasn't cooperating with me and the best picture of my hair is actually one where I'm blocking the sun from my eyes:
If you'd prefer to think of me as saluting, that's fine. I imagine I'm saluting all the women out there who have sad, pathetic hair like mine, but they never give up in their quest for big hair. Someday I'll be a gajillionaire and then I'll have enough money to pay someone to make my hair big, but until then I'm stuck styling it myself and succeeding about once every 20th attempt. But enough about my hair... my outfit was pretty cute today, too! I love this dress/top- it's so pretty! The colors, the sequin embellishment, the silhouette- I love it all. Because it's still pretty chilly around here, I layered some jeans underneath and it was a perfect outfit for our weather today.

The front of the dress gets SO wrinkled throughout the day, but tI still think I look pretty darn good despite the wrinkles. So what do YOU think of my outfit this time around?

I'm very sleepy and about to completely crash, so I'll wrap this blog eup. I'll try to get some decent rest and then tomorrow I'll be refreshed and ready to go.

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Totally Inspired said...

I do like the tunic, alot!, but I hate the wrinkles. :(

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