Friday, February 12, 2010

Rate My Look- Jewel Tones

I LOVE jewel tones. I love vibrant, bright, saturated color. Fortunately, my build and coloring work for that type of color, but if you are very petite, be careful. Petites can be overwhelmed by too bright a color- in other words, the color wears you, not the other way around. To avoid that problem, wear a top in a jewel tone as opposed to a dress. That way you can enjoy the color while keeping it to a very focused element of your outfit. I went a little crazy with jewel tones today. I wore a bright purple tights with a vibrant teal dress. The dress (which I got at Nordstrom a few weeks ago) has a fun jewel-neckline covered in a beautiful sequin embellishment:

Please forgive the wrinkles- I took this photo when I got home from work tonight. Also, the fabric is not nearly that shiny- the flash on my camera is seriously exaggerating the sheen. As you can see, I finished the outfit with a pair of knee-high flat boots. They were a birthday gift from my mom (among other things purchased on last weekend's trip up north). They are from the Gap and they were a bargain at $16. I'll have to take a close-up of them so you can see the cute buckle detail at the ankle. Because it's winter, I did layer one of my favorite sweaters over this dress so I wouldn't freeze my booty off all day:

You may notice that my left wrist is looking a little light compared to the last few weeks. Remember my new watch from Kenneth Cole? Well, as I was trying to open the clasp one day, it popped open suddenly and my watch fell to the floor (my carpeted, bedroom floor), and the face of the watch shattered. I was so disappointed! I hadn't worn a watch in nearly 10 years and I barely had that one for 3 months! So sad. I'm thinking of replacing it, but I need to find one equally fabulous and at a bargain price, which could prove to be difficult. Anyway, enough about that. What do you think of my bright, somewhat over-the-top outfit? I got quite a few remarks today along the lines of, "You look... interesting..." I never mind that. I'm not dressing for anyone else's approval- I'm dressing to feel good and I feel great in this outfit. Is it the most flattering thing I've ever worn? No. Is it the most elegant? The most put-together? Nope. I don't care. I still like it!

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