Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday, Rate My Look, etc.

Good morning, all! Yesterday was my first really relaxing day off in a while. Whenever I'm working on opening a show, I just can't relax. As you know, the Christmas show opened this weekend, so I was able to really enjoy Monday with some friends. I ended up going shopping with a couple of cast members and had a blast. Since I shop so much for work, it's often hard to separate myself from that when I'm in a mall or shopping center. But yesterday I was able to completely relax and enjoy myself and it felt great! So I got up after sleeping in a bit, dressed in a comfortable shopping outfit and met up with David to shop. Here's my "shopping outfit:"

Cowl neck top: Fair Indigo
Dress: Max Studio (but purchased at Marshalls)
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Maurices
Tights: Target

I like to be comfortable when I shop, but I also like to wear "easy-on-easy-off" type of clothes just in case I'm in and out of the dressing room a lot. I didn't spend a ton of money, but I got a fairly "big ticket" item (for me, anyway). I bought myself a new watch. I have not worn a watch since I was in college, so about 8 years. I've been getting sick of looking for my phone when I want to know the time, so a few weeks ago, I decided it was time for a "big girl watch." I wanted something nice but neutral that I could wear every day. Also, it needed to work with my Tiffany's signature bracelet since I wear it every day. I'll tell the story of that bracelet sometime soon. Anyway, at the Kenneth Cole store, I found this watch at 50% off:

Originally $95, I only paid $49.97 for it. Not bad for a nice watch if you ask me. I had decided to get myself a "nice" watch as a sort of show-opening treat for myself. I don't often spend that much on anything, but I felt I earned it, so I bought it without feeling guilty for spending that much. Other than that, I didn't really buy very much- a few accessories at Aldo (since they were buy one get one FREE!) which I'll show you soon. I also stocked up on my scent at Bath & Body Works. I was there recently and had trouble finding my scent. I have been wearing Velvet Tuberose since it came out a couple of years ago. I was running low not too long ago, plus I had a coupon, so I went in to stock up. I had trouble finding V.T. so I asked a sales person who gave me a pitying look and said, "It's over here on this shelf with the such-and-such scent. You know it's a bad sign when they start sharing shelf space with another scent. It means it's on the way out." I died a little inside. I love B&BW scents but I hate how they discontinue the ones I love. For years I was in love with the aromatherapy Jasmine Vanilla, and they discontinued it. I replaced that scent with the Velvet Tuberose and now they're discontinuing that, too! I stocked up and I think I got about 9 or 10 months worth so I'll be good for quite a while, but in the meantime I'll be looking for a replacement scent. Has that happened to you before? It seems like the scents I hate are the ones that stick around forever, but the ones I love always get discontinued. It's so sad.

Now I'm sure you're wondering where the Shoesday Tuesday element comes in. Well, I've been searching online for a picture of a pair of Miss Bisou blue suede pumps that I tried on yesterday, to no avail. I should have taken a picture in the store, but I just wasn't thinking. Probably because I was in so much pain. These shoes looked like the perfect "Renee" shoe: high heel, bright color, fun texture- all the things I love in a shoe. I asked for my size and from the second I slid my foot into the shoe, I was in major pain. BEFORE I stood up, mind you, these shoes were squeezing and pinching and killing my feet. Walking in them was even worse. The shoe pinched at the knuckle, almost as if the shoe was too narrow at that one spot. I've never experienced anything like it. I rarely try on a shoe that I love and walk away without getting it (it's a sickness, I know) and these Miss Bisou pumps were a less-expensive version of these bright blue Aldo pumps I loved so much in this post:

The Aldo version has a peep toe and exposed platform, where the Miss Bisou version was a closed-toe pump with a narrower heel and a hidden platform, but the color was spot-on. You couldn't pay me enough to wear the Miss Bisou version, no matter how much cheaper it is. Have any of you ever worn that brand of shoe? I've never worn them, to my knowledge, and after trying them on, I'm pretty sure I'll avoid that brand in the future. They were seriously like a torture device. I'm not even kidding.

But enough about my purchases and shopping experiences- David got some really nice things at Kenneth Cole and H&M, too. Actually, he bought a great outfit at H&M that I'm dying for him to wear so I can take a picture and put on the blog as a perfect example of great menswear style. (Hint, hint, David!)

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