Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sweatpants and sloppy dressing in general

A couple of nights ago I gave a presentation to a group of women and girls about how to dress professionally for interviews, the workplace, and even for life in general. It was a group that ranged in age a great deal- the girls were all seniors in high school who will very soon be heading out to college and then on to the "real world." During the presentation I spoke of "Murphy's Law" and how the day you decide to step out of the house wearing your pajama pants is the day you run into a potentially HUGE networking situation, or a potential employer, or a guy you wish would ask you out on a date- you get the picture. I explained that the best way to avoid being in a situation like that is to always make sure you are presentable when you leave the house each day. You don't have to be decked to the nines, but your hair and make-up should be neat and your clothes should fit well, be clean, and also be intended for social situations (unlike sweatpants and pajama bottoms). It seems this is a theme running through a lot of fashion bloggers minds these days. Just in the last 24 hours, I've seen two other posts discussing very similar topics:

First, Desiree of the blog "Wicked Thrifty" wrote a post that basically convinced me NEVER to wear sweat pants ever again- not that I needed much convincing! Check it out here.

Secondly, Emily of the blog "Le Quaintrelle" wrote of her experience in an area where sweat pants and frumpy jeans are the norm and what it's like to "dress up" each day. She also mentions the pj's in public phenomenon. Read her post here.

I've said it before, but since this topic seems to be hot right now, I'll say it again: There is one incredibly simple solution to sweatpants and it's one that very few women actually use, but it's just as- if not more- comfortable than a pair of sweatpants: A lightweight jersey dress. I own more jersey dresses than I care to admit, but they are incredibly comfortable and they always look great! They are inexpensive, easy to find and come in every color of the rainbow as well as any print imaginable. This beautiful blue smocked jersey dress from Overstock (only $29.99) is making me drool right now, actually:

The only thing stopping me from buying it right now is the fact that I already own a gajillion dresses very similar to it. But I digress... Jersey is a very casual fabric- it's basically a little heavier than your average t-shirt material. Since the fabric is casual, you can get away with wearing a dress and not actually being "dressed up." It's all smoke and mirrors- an illusion you can use to send the message to the world that you are chic and fabulous, but all the while you can FEEL like you're wearing a sweatsuit. And isn't that EVERY woman's logic behind donning a pair of sweatpants? She wants to feel comfortable. I get that, I really do and I promise you that a jersey dress is the ideal alternative to a pair of sweatpants or even jeans.

Some other inexpensive options:

Old Navy V-Neck Jersey Dress, $19.50, available in 3 other colors

Old Navy Cross-front Knit Dress, $15-$19.50, available in 5 other colors/prints

Old Navy Flutter Sleeve Jersey Dress, $17.99-$23.99, available in 2 other colors/prints

Old Navy Raw Hem Jersey Dress, $12.99-$15, available in 9 other colors/prints

Each one of these dresses is around or under $20, so go out, get yourself one and give it a try. The next time you can't bear to wear anything other than your ratty old sweats, give one of these dresses a chance. Wear it with flip-flops, or ballet flats, or even Uggs, if you must. Just try it and you'll be a believer!


Wicked Thrifty said...

thanks for the mention- great post! and the link was great too; funny coincidence!
i LOVE the flutter-sleeve dress featured from old navy. wow!
great thrifty picks :D and you're right, a simple casual dress is just as easy as sweats (well, ok, you might have to shave your legs but is it that hard?)

Totally Inspired said...

I LOVE a comfy dress.. But sometimes, especially with Old Navy, I find that a jersey dress will make me look pregnant because there is no structure to the dress. I think you just have to be very mindful of how the dress will fit as well as your body type to pull off a dress just for comfort.

Cute choices that you have pulled, but I dont even think I would pull off all of them.

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