Sunday, April 25, 2010

Accessories Anonymous: More Leather Cuffs

I love days off. I get to spend them sewing things that AREN'T work-related. Not that I mind sewing at work- in fact I love it. But it's always for shows, so I don't get to reap the benefits (aside from my paycheck anyway). After announcing the winner of the giveaway, I decided I wanted to make a few more leather cuffs. Here's what I got done today:
As you can see, there are a few new color combinations available. I currently have (clockwise from upper left):
3 Navy suede cuffs with blue leather flowers
2 Light pink leather cuffs with maroon leather flowers
1 Light tan leather cuff with bright yellow flower
3 Dark tan leather cuffs, 2 with yellow flowers, 1 with light tan flower
1 Bright yellow leather cuff with dark tan flower (my personal favorite)
2 Maroon leather cuffs with light pink flowers

If you are interested in purchasing one of these cuffs, let me know. They are $15 plus $3 for shipping. If you have a different color combination in mind, let me know and I can custom-make it for you. Even if it is not a color pictured, I have access to nearly every color leather in the rainbow. Custom cuffs will be $20 plus shipping. Also, if you purchase more than one, I will combine shipping costs. Email me if you are interested- reneetbouchard at gmail dot com.

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