Wednesday, April 14, 2010

And another one...

My good friend Kate asked me to make her a dress and since my closet has gotten pretty full from all the dresses I've been selfishly making for myself, I decided to spread the weath a little. She sent me her measurements and told me that I had complete creative freedom. She loves lots of dresses on Modcloth, so I had  a good idea of the direction I wanted to go. I'm really happy with how this dress turned out and soon I'll post pictures of Kate herself modeling the dress. She's been kind enough to agree to let me post a picture of her on the blog. Whoo-hoo!

What I like most about this dress is the color combination. The olive green print actually works really well against the bright fuchsia sash- it's a very sophisticated color combination. I loved the contrast so much that I acually lined the dress with the same fuchsia and created a halter neckline that ties, so when the dress is viewed from the back, there's another surprise pop of pink:

So what do you think of my latest creation? I've realized lately how much I enjoy making simple, pretty, feminine dresses. It's actually quite relaxing. And it's especially rewarding when the recipient is happy with my work! Bonus! If you are interested in a "Bouchard Original" of your own feel free to email me or leave a comment with your email address.

On a side note, something was recently brought to my attention with regards to these dresses and skirts I've been making. A good friend of mine pointed out that often I casually refer to these as "Bouche originals." First, let me explain that "Bouche" is a nickname that MANY of my very close friends call me, so to me it's a very positive thing. I love that nickname and when I hear it, it's always said with such affection that I hardly realize that it could have a negative connotation. I failed to realize, or acknowledge that it's only one letter away from a not-so-pleasant word (use your imagination). When I hear "Bouche" I think "French" like "amuse-bouche" or just "la bouche." But I do understand where someone might be coming from who doesn't necessarily know that is my nickname and how I feel about it. They see "Bouche Original" and think I'm being flip about these garments I've made. So I apologize if I've offended anyone and moving forward I'll be referring to these pieces as "Bouchard Originals" instead.


Beth said...

This is so gorgous. I am so jealous of people like you who can actually create something as stunning as this from a few yards of fabric and a needle. can't wait to see it on her

Totally Inspired said...

I too wish Ihad this kind of sewing talent. I want to learn sooo bad! But this dress is awesome! (as usual, and I am still gonna get you that fabric) OH, and I have no idea the difference between the "Bouche" so I wasnt offended at all,lol. But if you change it, thats fine with me too, lol!

Adele said...

Love the dress!! The print and color combo -- gorgeous!

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