Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's my 100th post? For real?

It's funny how I didn't even notice that this was going to be my 100th post until I finished my 99th post and thought, "Huh. Well that's interesting." I googled "100th post" and found that just about every blogger on the face of the earth seems to devote the 100th post to the fact that it's the 100th post. I'm going to use my 100th post to see how many times I can type "100th post" in a single post. Just kidding. I do think it's interesting how many bloggers make note of it like I am. After all, 100 blog posts isn't really all that impressive. Television shows celebrate the 100th episdoe, but it often takes several years to reach that point. Blogging is a lot simpler- I could post 10 times a day and have my 100th post in less than 2 weeks. But even though it's a simpler process, I still understand making note of the milestone. I hope that when I reach my 1,000th post, I am still enjoying it as much as I am now at number 100.

However, instead of counting the times I write "100th post," I'll use this 100th post (sorry! I couldn't resist) to show all of you some of my favorite past posts. And so without further ado, I present (in no particular order), my top 10 favorite posts thus far:

1.) Inspiration, July 16, 2009
2.) Tim Gunn said I'm FABULOUS, October 8, 2009
3.) A Second Story, August 6, 2009
4.) It's a wrap, July 22, 2009
5.) Breaking the Rules, September 6, 2009
6.) Top Ten for Men, July 21, 2009
7.) Etsy Besties, September 28, 2009
9.) Style Support, August, 29, 2009
10.) One Shoe, Three Ways, August, 27, 2009

Maybe by the time I've reached 1,000 posts, I'll have a top 100 list to share. That's a crazy thought, isn't it? Time will tell!   

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