Sunday, September 6, 2009

Breaking the Rules

It's Labor Day weekend and that has got me thinking about that archaic rule of fashion, "Never wear white after Labor Day." It's just one of several fashion and style "rules" that really needs to go. If there's one thing I know about fashion, it's that there are no rules or at the very least, rules are made to be broken. So today I present to you the fashion rules you SHOULD break and have fun doing it!

1.) Never wear white after Labor Day: For a while fashion experts advised that if you were going to break this rule, you should wear winter white, a creamier, almost vanilla ice cream colored white. There's nothing wrong with winter white, but don't limit yourself to it. The key to wearing true white in an "off-season" is to make sure the fabrics are appropriate. Obviously, avoid light-weight summer fabrics and opt instead of rich winter fabrics like cashmere and silk.

2.) Always match your shoes to your bag: This rule makes me light-headed and a little nauseated. If you want to look like a grandma, by all means match your shoes & bag, but if you want to look hip and youthful, do the opposite. To me, shoes and bags are a way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral outfit so why make it so matchy-matchy? Have fun with it and pair those aubergine heels with a lime green bag. And do it with confidence!

3.) Never wear black with navy or brown: Ugh. This rule is so silly to me! Black, navy and brown are all neutrals and what is the first rule of neutrals? That's right- they go with everything! And doesn't everything include, well, everything? Including other neutrals? Yes, it does! Flight attendants notwithstanding, the next time you wear a navy suit, pair it with some brown shoes or wide brown belt. What shade of brown? Who cares? Pick one! Pick two! Add a black handbag! I promise it will work! Let me demonstrate:


4.) Never mix prints: Another silly rule if you ask me. Recently I wore a black & white plaid dress with a pair of plaid shoes in shades of pink & purple and guess what? It looked fabulous. Florals go with stripes and polka dots work with plaids and any other combination you can imagine. Remember Uli from Season 4 of Project Runway? She understood combining prints better than anyone else I know of. Like this masterful creation:

5.) Don't mix metallics: Lies! Mix away! Metallics are very hot right now, so pile 'em on! It works with jewelry, too. Remember how you had to be a "gold" or "silver" person and all your jewelry needed to match? Such madness is no longer! In fact, if you wear silver bangles with a silver bag and silver earrings, you'll look very dated- it's all too matchy-matchy. As Michael Kors would say, "It's very M.O.B." (Mother of the Bride)

The bottom line with breaking any fashion rule is to do it with purpose. Make it a choice, not an accident. Walk with confidence and no one will question you. So let out your inner bad girl and start breaking the rules!

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cici said...

omg i totally agree with the never wear black with navy or brown. Its so completely pointless. And i do it all the time!
But i happen to agree with the dont mix prints, on certain conditions. Like if u mix plaid with paisley, it looks REALLY bad. But certain prints look good with other certain prints.

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