Saturday, October 3, 2009


Did you guess what the fabulous Etsy purchases were? I know you can't be held in suspense for too long, so I'll show you. I got two fabulous cocktail rings from ShopKim:

Aren't they fabulous? I love the way the beads are strung on the first one- kind of like petals around the center orange bead. Also, I really like that the bead facets are cut in an asymmetric, sort of uneven pattern- it makes the whole ring so much more interesting. And what about that chartreuse button ring? It's so whimsical, but the color and the metallic detail on the button holes along with the black frame keep it sophisticated- not too cute-sy.

I wore the beaded ring to Amy's rehearsal dinner tonight. I have to admit, I was a LOT overdressed. I've always thought of wedding rehearsals and the dinners that follow them as slightly dressy affairs. That wasn't really the case tonight. Don't get me wrong- I'm completely accustomed to being the most dressed-up person in a room- I pretty much ALWAYS overdress. It's kind of my signature, I guess. I suppose my concern this evening is that I'd hate to take any attention away from the bride & groom. I don't think that I did, and I fully stand by my outfit choice.

As for the wedding itself,  I think I have my outfit all figured out. What I can't decide is how to do my hair. I actually wore one of my fake hair pieces tonight, but that was mostly out of necessity. I didn't  have time to fix my hair and make it look nice, so I went for the easy solution of throwing some fake hair up on my head. Worked like a charm. Always does, actually. Maybe I'll do a post on using fake hair again. Would you guys be interested in learning more about that? I'm not talking about giant wigs or anything- just add-on pieces meant to be incorporated into your own hair. Let me know!

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