Friday, October 9, 2009

Layering for Less- for Men!

I know that if there were any men reading this blog, they are probably long gone because all I ever write about is Project Runway and shoes. I'm sorry, guys, but don't think that menswear isn't just as interesting and important just because I tend to focus on brooches and handbags or over-the-knee boots and sundresses. In an effort not to neglect all of you, I'd like to offer today's post: Layering for Less- for Men! The other day I wrote a post about layering for women, so now it's the guys turn.

Just like with women, men should view their outerwear as an extra outfit they get to wear. So that's where we'll begin- with outerwear. For starters, most men look great in a classic pea coat. This dark version is about as classic as it gets and it's a steal at $59.99 from Target:

If you're looking for a pea coat that's still a bargain, but a little less classic, Target also offers the classic cut in a charcoal grey, which I think is a nice variation. The weather isn't always so chilly that you need a wool pea coat. Other times, you just need a light top layer to keep the chill off. In that case, I'd like to recommend these two jackets from Gap:

First, the Wool Private Jacket- because military details are very hip for men as well as women right now. I love the pockets on this one and the grey is really nice. At $103 (on sale), it's a little pricey, but it's also classic enough to be considered an investment piece.

Next, I also love this "Barracuda" jacket from Gap. It's casual but interesting. Gap is currently having an "Outerwear Event" and offering $25 off select outwear. The Private Jacket above is part of the sale, but unfortunately the "Barracuda" is not. Originally $68, it's only marked down a few dollars to $59.99. With all three of these jacket selections, you can feel confident that the materials are decent enough quality that you'll get quite a few seasons of wear out of them, so shop with confidence.

But layering isn't all about jackets and coats- it's about, well, layering. And there is no better shop for bargain layering pieces than Old Navy. Start with a couple of great light-weight sweaters. I'm a fan of the v-neck and the half zip like these:

The v-neck is a great color and the half-zip option is one of many color combinations. Both have the slightly more open neckline which makes layering much easier. You could have a t-shirt and a button front underneath either one of these. P.S. the v-neck is also available in several argyle versions like this one:

And the best part? All three of these sweaters and their many different colored versions are available for less than $30 each. Also bargain prices are these polo shirts- argyle, striped and solid (long and short sleeve):

The other great thing about shopping at places like Old Navy is that their dozens and dozens of color and pattern choices all work incredibly well together, making it very easy to get dressed in the morning. You could practically dress in the dark. Well, maybe not really, but you get the idea. Shops like Old Navy and Gap are great for creating wardrobe capsules. A wardrobe capsule is a collection of complimentary pieces that all work together to create different outfits. For example, a wardrobe capsule might include a pair of dark wash jeans, a pair of charcoal dress pants, three button-front shirts- one dark solid, one light solid, one vertical stripe, a light-weight sweater, a blazer and an overcoat. With those eight pieces, you actually have the potential for a lot more outfits:

Outfit #1: Jeans and dark solid button front
Outfit #2: Charcoal pants, striped button front, sweater
Outfit #3: Jeans, striped button front, blazer
Outfit #4: Jeans, dark solid button front, sweater, blazer
Outfit #5: Charcoal pants, light solid button front, blazer
Outfit #6: Charcoal pants, striped button front, blazer
Outfit #7: Jeans, light solid button front, overcoat

You get the idea, right? The idea is to purchase pieces that all compliment each other so that putting outfits together with them is a no-brainer. Layering the pieces in the capsule creates more visual interest, but wearing just single layers is always an option, too.

I hope this has been helpful for all you guys out there. And if it's the girls reading this post in the hopes of helping your man, good luck!

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f8hasit said...

I just bought a friend of mine that pea coat!

Thanks for coming by my blog (and acknowledging your lurking by commenting!), if you hadn't, there's a ditinct possibility that I wouldn't have found yours.
Which would have been bad. Very bad.

Thanks! Now back to the broches...

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