Thursday, October 8, 2009

Project Runway- Episode 8

This kind of wedding dress challenge could be such a blast, provided you get a decent dress and a decent client to work with. Weren't some of those dresses hideous, though? Oh my goodness! You can tell some of them got married a looooong time ago. Challenges like this always make me want to be the "real woman" client. I'd be the perfect client- totally willing to wear whatever they want to put on me. I'd love to see what different designers would make for me, so maybe I'd rather be the special guest judge than one of several clients. Also, wouldn't you love to have the Macy's accessory wall in your own closet? But I digress... on to the show details:

WIN: Gordana
AUF'd: Epperson

Major kudos to Shirin for coming back from that hole she had dug for herself. The stitching idea was a brilliant solution. The boys really blew it this week, though- all four of them! Nicholas and Logan made horribly unflattering pants and tops for their clients. Epperson and Christopher made equally unflattering dresses. I don't know what Christopher was thinking with that hideous dyed organza. Michael Kors was spot on with his advice to the model- DON'T go to a party in that outfit, particularly one in the entertainment industry. I completely disagree with the judges- Logan or Nicholas should have gone home for their hideous pants. Epperson has shown really beautiful pieces in previous episodes, whereas Nicholas and Logan have been spotty at best.

The girls, on the other hand, really rocked the challenge. My favorite was Irina- I would LOVE to wear that dress. It's such a perfect cocktail party or date dress and the color was really stunning. I thought for a minute she was going to get three wins in a row, but I was also happy for Gordana- her dress was really spectacular, too. It looked like it took a lot of time to make, but she only had the one day to do it, so I was very impressed with her craftsmanship.

I'm very happy to have Michael Kors back, but from the looks of next weeks clips, he's gone again. Fortunately we get Nina back. I really really really hope that Season 7 is back in New York. The judging is just too spotty when it's out in LA. The heartbeat of American fashion is in New York City. Bottom line. Bring PR back to its home, Lifetime!

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