Thursday, October 22, 2009

Project Runway- Episode 10

I have to say that these late nights waiting for PR to air after a long day at work- it's not easy! I'm practically falling asleep as I type!

It is really getting down to the nitty gritty- seven designers left is not a lot when you consider the fact that three of them will be going to New York Fashion Week. And after tonight we're down to six designers. Crazy!  Ok, on to the episode:

WIN: Irina
AUF'd: Nicolas

I agree with the judges decision this week for win & auf. My favorites were Irina and Gordana. The open back on Irina's was very surprising, but in a good way. Irina was smart to choose Aspen as her inspiration location. And Gordana's dress was spectacular. It looked like a dress you would see on the red carpet. What I didn't understand about this episode is why the judges like Carol Hannah's dress- it looked like everything Uli ever sent down the runway. Nothing innovative about it at all, really. And let's be honest, Uli did the flowy print dress far better than Carol Hannah.

As for the bottom, I agree that Nicolas & Logan deserved to be there. Christopher needs to really get his act together, though. His dress wasn't terrible- I can't believe Heidi called it "unwearable." That's a bit harsh. Maybe I have bad taste, but I would love to wear that dress!

What do you think? It's getting close- who do you think will be in the final three? I'm predicting Irina, Gordana and Carol Hannah, but I think it could be a close call.

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