Thursday, October 29, 2009

Project Runway- Episode 11

Such a cool challenge this week, don't you think? I think it was a perfect sort of mini-prep for their future task of creating a collection for Bryant Park. I also think the judges have gotten a little more on track with their decisions.

WIN: Althea
AUF'd: Logan

I think that Althea's look was a little out-there, but I get it. At the time that this episode was filmed, harem pants were just starting to make a come-back. Now, that trend is starting to pass (fingers crossed), so the volumous "paper bag" waist pants that Althea made were in line with that trend and fashion forward at the time. So all I'm saying is, I get it. If I were to choose a winner, though, it would have been Irina. Her look was the perfect complement to the original winning look in every way- from soup to nuts, it was perfect. I felt like we were seeing two looks from a very cohesive collection- one where we get to see the type of woman Irina designs for and through her clothing, we see her story, too. It's really unfortunate that Irina is such a pill, because if that talent were backed up by a little more positivity, she'd be unstoppable.

As for the auf, I completely agree that Logan needed to go. He's been consistently in the bottom. His weirdo zipper dress was exactly as Nina Garcia described- a student's project. Also, what's with Logan's silver sneakers?

I have to talk about Christopher for a moment, too. I'm SO over his "play on volume." His dress tonight was decent- as one of the judges put it, "I liked 2/3 of the dress." I want to see Christopher DO SOMETHING ELSE!!! Volume, volume, volume. Over and over and over again! And it's not as if he's playing with volume in different places- it's always a skirt with volume. We're seeing the same silhouette from him week after week. I'm not denying that his pieces are full of interesting detail, but at some point, he's going to need to show more versatility.

Ok, I'm stepping off my soapbox now. What did you think of this week's episode? Also, do any of you watch the show "Models of the Runway?" What do you think of it?

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