Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday- Payless for work shoes

Payless has had such a bad rep for so long, but oh my word have they changed dramatically over the last couple of years. The prices at Payless are still fantastic, but the styles have improved like you wouldn't believe. They are even starting to draw in designer diffusion lines which is really exciting. Today I'd like to show you some shoes from Payless that are all appropriate for the office. There is no reason to think you have to wear frumpy, dumpy, clunky shoes to work because they are "sensible." Sensible shoes can also be stylish. For example, take these adorable American Eagle kitten heels:

Available for only $24.99, these kitten heels are perfect for work. The heel makes them dressy, but it's also practically as comfortable as wearing a pair of ballet flats. The pointed toe with the pleating detail adds a touch of sophistication, too. These work with a pair of trousers or a skirt, a suit or a dress, tights or bare legs- they are incredibly versatile. Often at the work place, basic neutrals rule, but adding a pop of color or pattern with your shoe is a fun way to show your personality without taking the outfit over the top. For example, look at these ballet flats in a beautiful jewel tone:

Perfect for a casual Friday with jeans or khakis, or even on a more dressy day with a skirt or dress, right? (And? They're currently on sale for $12.99!) Also visually interesting is the pattern on these pumps and flats by Lela Rose for Payless:

Both are just $29.99 and are equally fabulous, don't you think? The details are wonderful, but they aren't so bold that you can't consider each of them a neutral. They'd both work with a myriad of outfits. Personally, I love a little shine at my feet, so these patent wedges are perfect for me:

I love the color, the tiny wedge and the embellishment on the toe. I also love the price: $22.99! Tiny wedges like this are great for work, especially if you're on your feet a lot. They look professional, but feminine and they're practical but stylish. What more could you ask for? Tell me about your work shoes in a comment- what are your go-to work shoes?

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Wear Necessities said...

Hi Renee-

Thanks for all your posts on our blog recently! I was in Israel (mostly Tel-Aviv) to visit family I have there). Kerri and I met through our day job (financial planning) and both have a passion for fashion. I love the shoes in this post. Esp. the third pair - the high heels with the plaid design- super cute! Great price too! I saw a woman wearing the first pair (the black kitten heels) this morning at The Coffee Bean when I was in line- they looked really cute. Keep up the good work!

-Natalya of WearNecessities.blogspot.com

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