Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Layering for less

This week the air has really started to have that nip in it- that crispness that says that fall is here. Fall to means that I get to start layering my outfits. I grew up in New England with freezing cold winters- fall was hardly a season- it often felt like summer went straight into winter and winter meant layers. I also love winter because I view outerwear as an opportunity to wear an addition outfit, but you already know that.

Today I'd like to show you guys and gals some trendy pieces and where you can find them for bargain prices.

First up, the animal print cardigan. This $348 embellished snakeskin print cardigan from Neiman Marcus is gorgeous, but I doubt many of us have that kind of cash for a cardigan!

Personally, I don't wear twin-sets. I rarely buy them, but when I do, I never wear them together. Instead I view each as a layering piece, and if you have the cash to get this set and love it, then go for it. It's just not me, but I get its appeal. For those of you on a bit of a tighter budget, I offer you this leopard print cardigan from Forever 21, also known as Bargain Central! It's a steal at $22.80, don't you think?

Personally, I'm a HUGE fan of all the embellished tops that are so abundant these days. It love the ones with feminine details like ruffles and floral motifs. This cashmere sweater also from Neiman Marcus is gorgeous- the color is so vibrant and the "ribbon detail" adds some lovely visual interest.

It's also $398, which is significantly out of my price range. Four hundred dollars is more like a car payment to me. An expensive car. So for those of you like me who want their sweaters to cost less than a quarter of your car payment, I offer you this lovely, drapey sweater from Boston Proper.

I think that in terms of color and detail, this sweater is pretty spot on. It's only $69, which may still be pricey for some, but you're getting a lot of bang for your buck- the pleating is really well done.

Layering isn't all about the top layer- it's just as fun to have something interesting on the bottom or middle layer. Like this gorgeous Escada top available at Saks for a mere $590.

I can just see myself layering something like this under a cropped swing coat or bolero jacket- something with short but roomy sleeves- yes I'm a sucker for the long sleeves under short sleeves look- sue me. Anyway, by "something like this," I mean something that isn't nearly a month's rent. Something more like this ruffle top from Forever 21.

Can you guess the price? You never will- it's too fantastic. Only $17.80! Less than twenty bucks! Pretty darn good if you ask me.

I could honestly go on and on about how to layer and how to find cheap layering pieces, but I'm sure after a while you'd all be bored. So why not tell ME about YOUR favorite layering pieces. Email me a picture of your favorite layered outfit and I'll be happy to post it on the blog. Or leave a comment and tell me about your favorite bargain layering pieces. Or just leave a comment to say "hi" and that you stopped by. I love those kinds of comments! Have a great day everyone!

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