Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Second Story

I have always been a fan of shopping in thrift stores, consignment and vintage shops. Besides the great prices, you're giving the clothes and accessories you buy there a second life, a second story to tell. In Lancaster, PA, there is a fabulous vintage shop housing two vintage businesses called Mommalicious and Smilin' Gal. I admit, I have a weakness for those two stores. The layout is spacious and bright and in addition to their vintage collection, Mommalicious/Smilin' Gal also has a line of vintage inspired clothing and accessories called My Aunt Debbie. All of the items in the My Aunt Debbie collection are pieces made using vintage pieces that have been reworked to create something new and fresh and guaranteed to turn heads. Take this amazing skirt, for example:
It's worth a trip to Queen Street just to check out the unique creations, but you'll also be happy to see all the other vintage clothing, accessories and home goods available. The prices are very reasonable and they are always displaying new stock. I've purchased dresses, scarves, pins, aprons, and all sorts of great things there for myself and other vintage enthusiasts. I love to create an outfit around a retro piece- there's always the unique challenge of looking modern and fresh in something 30 or 40 years old. Yesterday I wore a modern lace dress with a fabulous vintage enamel pin (that I really need to post a picture of) and got nothing but compliments all day. If I'd paired the pin with a vintage dress, or even a dress in a vintage style, it would not have worked so well. It's important to bring together the old and the new- that's how you create a fresh look that no one else will have. Consider it one way to become your own style icon, something I mentioned a few weeks ago. It's nice to emulate the style ideas of famous fashionistas, but it's so much more satisfying to create your own version of hip and stylish. I always say that you can pull off any look provided you have the confidence to back it up. If you question your choice, it'll show on your face and in your body language. Try it out and you'll see it's true. Put together something you might normally consider a little bit of a "wacky" combination, and then wear it like you're strutting the runway at Bryant Park. It's fun- I swear! And leave a comment to tell me about your fashion daring- I'd love to hear about it!

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