Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday- Downtown Lancaster store

Over the weekend, I went downtown to queen Street in Lancaster, primarily to show my friend Brance the two vintage shops there. Unfortunately, both Mommalicious and Zap & Co. were closed, but what was open was a fairly new shoe store called "Walk in Style- Fashion Footwear & Accessories." I was skeptical because it had the look of an expensive boutique, but I also figured it was my duty to all of you to check it out. It's a really cute little store with tons of fabulous and affordable shoes and boots. I ended up with a pair of cute low-heel wedges in a green patent for $22. Most of the shoes ranged from $20-50 and were all really adorable. Even the knee-high boots were all around $35-50, which in my opinion is a fabulous price. The boot selection was the most fun for me- there were lots of great colors and details to choose from with the boots.

In addition to boots and shoes, there were lots of handbags to choose from as well. Throughout the store you'll also find lots of interesting jewelry mostly necklaces, but some bracelets and earrings, too. What I like about this store is that there is a large selection, but the space itself isn't over crowded.

My pick of the store is this pair of Casa di Torino leather kitten heels in beige:

Technically, they are a tad bit taller than an actual kitten heel, but these heels are low enough that they'd be pretty comfortable. I highly recommend a kitten heel to all of you ladies out there who want to wear heels, but can't because the height just isn't practical. If you walk to work, or are on your feet a lot throughout the day, a kitten heel can be a great solution. It's slim and feminine, but usually under 2 inches. A kitten heel will always look better than a larger short heel, which can be kind of clunky and dated-looking.

I really like the detail on the toe as well as the rich caramel beige color- they'd be a perfect addition to any closet- you could wear them with just about anything. And at $28, the won't break the bank.

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