Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project Runway- Episode 3

Mitchell is OUT. Hallelujah! You have to wonder if he cared at all towards the end. He admitted to choosing Ra'mon because he needed someone to carry him through the challenge. Interesting, isn't it, that while all the other designers were disappointed that they had to work in teams, Mitchell was happy because he thought he could pick someone good to carry his weight in addition. At least he's cute, right? And I think it makes Ra'mon feel all the more justified in his win, don't you?

This week's breakdown:

Win: Ra'mon
Auf: Mitchell

I love love love the fact that they were both on the same team, with one winner and one auf. And I love even more that Heidi pointed that out to Mitchell right before her, "Three strikes, you're out."

I wholeheartedly agree with the judges decision both for Mitchell and Ra'mon. Mitchell made the part of the to outfits that was completely covered up while Ra'mon did everything else. Literally! And let's talk about the avant garde dress- if it wasn't made out of neoprene, it could have been almost too much like so many dresses out there right now. Fortunately, it WAS made out of neoprene and that really took it to a whole different level- the level that lives on Mars!

The challenge itself seemed a little bit out-there, but I think that the designers really rose to the challenge. I found myself not really paying attention to the hair design, the importance of which Tim Gunn emphasized so strongly. I guess that means the hair was probably perfect. I think that when the hair and make-up draws your eye, it's out of balance with the rest of the outfit, but when you barely notice it, it most likely is complementing the design perfectly. It's true in life as well. It's all about wearing the design, not the design wearing you, right? I'm like a broken record with that advice lately, but it's so true!

I think it's unfortunate that Epperson and Qrystal had such problems because her esthetic combined with his sewing skill and taste level could have been a match made in heaven. In a previous PR post, I think I referred to Epperson as the most loveable designer. Maybe I jumped to that judgement a little too quickly!

I was a tad surprised that Nicholas and Gordana were in the bottom because the macrame top was absolutely spectacular! And the criticism on the pants was that they were a little sloppy. Ummm, judges? They were designing for surfers, right? So what's wrong with a little baggy, sloppy pant? And let's be honest, the pants were just a little too long and that was what made them look sloppy. Picky picky picky judges! I think that's a good sign, though. When the judges have to really nit-pick it means the designers are all working at a very high level. But then again, let's be honest about Nicholas & Gordana's avant garde look. It was about as hideous as the macrame was spectacular. Also, have you noticed that the quality of sewing being done this season is probably the highest yet? To make an avant garde look in addition to the beach wear was really impressive and even Ra'mon who was practically working alone was able to finish something really good.

Another favorite of the night was Logan and Christopher's avant garde dress. I loved the drama of that huge tulle skirt. I do hope, however, that Christopher doesn't turn out to be a one-trick-pony with that "play on volume" esthetic of his.

Overall, another enjoyable episode of Project Runway has come and gone. I still miss Michael Kors, but at least we had the pleasure of seeing Tim Gunn in flip flops this week! I just don't think I'll ever tire of this show- it's really too fabulous.

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