Thursday, September 24, 2009

Project Runway- Episode 6

Wow. That was a crazy episode! I have to admit, I was a little confused by the guidelines. It's hard to know exactly how far to go. Sometimes the judges are a bit hard to predict. I think that with this challenge, they were really comparing apples with oranges. Designing a western costume versus a sci-fi/fantasy versus an action adventure, etc. It sort of explains how wacky the judging seemed this week. So, on to the details:

WIN: Nicholas
AUF: Ra'mon

I am surprised by both of these. My winner would have been Epperson for sure. His character was extremely well fleshed out and the outfit was not only ambitious and dramatic, but totally perfect for the story he created. I understand why the judges liked Nicholas's outfit, but in my opinion there was no contest! I can only hope that it looked better in person than it did on TV. To me, Epperson's was not only an interesting costume, but it was also very fashionable. Same for Christopher's, but I'd like to point out that YET AGAIN Christopher is using his "play on volume" gimmick. I need to see something else from him and soon!

As for Ra'mon, I understand his garment was hideous, but no more hideous than Nicholas's white "ice queen" craziness! And Ra'mon has pulled off some really stunning looks in the last few episodes! If I were to kick someone off, it would have been Louise for sure. I'm very disappointed in the judges this week and I can only hope that they make a better decision next week.

One person who did a great job and didn't get mentioned was Carol Hannah. Her Action/Adventure look was straight out of a Matrix-esque comic book movie and I thought it was fabulous.

What about you? How do you feel about the judges decision this week? Were they spot on or off the mark?

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