Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'd like to thank the Academy and...

...LuceBuona! Thanks so much for the "Star Blog" award! You are too sweet! It is my very first blog award ever, so thank you!

I'm very new to this whole "Blog Award" concept, so I'll do my best. I guess what I'm supposed to do is post the award on my blog, link back to the blog who awarded it, and then choose a blog (or 2) and pass the award along to them. As you can see, I've done the first 2 steps, and all that's left is the 3rd. My choices are as follows:

1.) First I'd like to award the girls at Wear Necessities because I think they are adorable!
2.) Next, I'd like to return the favor to LuceBuona and make her blog a "Star Blog," too.
3.) Finally, my last choice for "Star Blog" is Ruth Parker Jewelry because I love how she re-purposes vintage jewelry into something fresh and new.

Thanks again for the Blog Award, now if I could only get Blog of Note, I'd be really excited! Anyone know the secret to getting it? In the meantime, I'm thrilled to be a "Star Blog!"


Wear Necessities said...

Hi Renee - Congrats on your award!! You definately deserve it! I love your blog, and thank you for following ours!

Natalya from

Lauren Pratt said...

Wow! Thanks! This is a totally new concept for me, but I definitely appreciate the thought! Now I just have to figure out how to do

LuceBuona said...

Hi Renee!! Sorry for not replying earlier! My internet service was unavaliable, but now im back!! ; )

I realize that you and Lauren Pratt were trying to guess how it works so I decided to paste here the instructions that I posted on my blog ; )

Now that I won, what should I do?
-Publish the award image on your blog.
-Add the link to the blog giving you the award.
- Give forward it to other bloggers!! ;) and let them know so they can share it too!

Congratulations!! ; ) xoxoxox

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