Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday

Today's Shoesday Tuesday honors the shoe that will be carrying me through the city this week: the ballet flat. I hate looking like a slob in the motherland (especially considering it's so close to fashion week), so even though sneakers are the best choice for schlepping all over town, I can only bring myself to put them on after my more stylish options have failed me. This time I'm attempting the ballet flat, which some will say doesn't have enough support to really last all day long without doing some damage. Well, I've prepared for that. I purchased my shoes a half size larger than what I typically wear and I've added an arch-supporting insole and a heel grip to each shoe. I also have Dr. Scholl's rub relief packed plus an extra regular insole already pre-cut to size for extra padding should the need arise. My train leaves at 8:30 this morning and then I'll be on my feet the rest of the day until about 6 PM. I promise to update you with my shoe success or failure, whatever the case may be. I'll also try to post if anything really interesting occurs while I'm here in New York.

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