Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday

Ok, despite the fairly dorky pose I'm making, I kind of like this picture. But the question for you is: do you like the outfit? It's one of my favorites because it is SOOOO comfortable. It's just a cute silk polka-dot top with a pair of black walking shorts. I bought the top at SYMS (for super cheap) and the shorts are so old I don't remember where I got them. Sometimes I wear it with heels, but on this particular day I decided to go with the black ballet flats. Lately, I'm so in love with the ballet flat look. I resisted it for a long time- I must admit I was a huge fan of the "chunky" shoe style for a little too long, I'm afraid. Forgive me, dear readers. Anyway, ballet flats are so inexpensive and comfortable that I was eventually won over and I wore them all summer long. They are so much cuter than flip-flops, and just as comfy. A little insole helps add support, too. Also, ballet flats are what carried me through New York all last week and I must say that they were a flawless shoe choice for all that city walking. How do you feel about ballet flats? Obviously as fall approaches, they might not be the best choice, but I figured as summer draws to a close, there might not be many opportunities to pay tribute to the little shoe that I spent my summer in.

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