Sunday, September 20, 2009

Give the gift that keeps on giving (how cheesy!)

Hey everyone! This is just a quick plug for my style consulting business. I just wanted to let all of you know that I am now offering gift certificates. You can choose a dollar amount to give or a specific service. For example, an initial closet consultation starts at $50, so you could get a gift certificate for that amount OR one that simply offers a free closet consultation to the bearer. I have a list of services on my website along with contact information so that you can email me to order your gift certificate. Feel free to take a moment to browse my site and take a look at the services I offer. With the holidays fast approaching, I'm sure you'll be looking for stocking stuffers, and what better stocking stuffer than a gift card?

I really love what I do because I think when people feel good in the clothes they are wearing, they carry themselves differently, with more confidence and a more upbeat demeanor. When you wear clothes that fit, that look stylish and polished, you send a message of confidence that will carry through both your personal and professional life. All too often people take their appearance for granted, forgetting that it can propel them forward if it's good or halt them in their tracks if it misses the mark. Don't wait another minute to make this investment in your future! And while you're getting help for yourself, consider a gift certificate for a friend or loved one. It costs less than you think, too. 

I'm sure many people think that getting personal style advice from a professional is a costly service only available to the wealthy elite of big cities like New York or Los Angeles. Your Recession Fashionista is here to dispel that myth right now. Contact me today and find out how affordable it is!   

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