Thursday, September 17, 2009

Project Runway- Episode 5

Wow- sewing with newspaper. That's crazy! Although, I do remember the recycled materials challenge where Jeffrey made this dress with newpaper and dye:

I remember that it moved beautifully and I was impressed with that. As for this episode, I like the history lesson they gave us about paper dresses- I sometimes forget that Tim Gunn used to work at Parsons, so he's no stranger to education. He probably knows the history of fashion better than anyone and it's about time that was showcased on P.R. Ok, now for the nitty gritty:

WON: Irina
AUF'd: Johnny

I don't even want to talk about the whole situation with Johnny sort of giving up halfway through, but I will. Part of me has my heart going out to him because it has to be an incredibly stressful situation and he is a recovering addict. For all we know, it could be extremely overwhelming for him- and I'm not just talking about the workload. Then again, it is television, and there's always the possibility that he's working his story, hoping that it will make him stand out. I hate to be that cynical, but let's be honest- we live in the age of reality TV and I'm sure the majority of people auditioning for reality TV have some angle they're hoping to play if they make it on a show. Time will tell with Johnny. What's unfortunate in his situation is that is first couple of designs were great- he's clearly quite talented and I would hate it if he felt the need to play some sort of gimmick. Also, what was with that whole story about the iron and the steamer and his first dress getting ruined? So weird.

On another subject, I'm loving the tension between Irina and Althea. They obviously have issues with each other. Cat fight! And Althea won last week and Irina won this week, so I'm sure that just adds to the tension. But now, on to the runway. I am outraged that Carol Hannah wasn't in the top. She and Christopher had similar ideas, but hers was SO dramatic! Christopher's was amazing as well- don't get me wrong- but I just loved Carol Hannah's color choice. Also, the length of Christopher's dress bothered me a little- it was just a smidge too short. On another note, I'm really getting nervous about Christopher's obsession with "play on volume." Yes, he makes beautiful clothes, but at the same time, I want to see him make something that has some other concept, you know?

My other favorite of the night was Shirin's. If she had added a little more color to her dress, I think it could have been a winner. It reminded me a lot of LeeAnn's petals from last season, but in a much more stiff origami feel- in a good way. A lot of the designers this week seemed to be inspired by origami. I admit, if I were in their shoes, I would probably have made some origami creation as well, but isn't it a little obvious? Paper. Origami. It's a natural choice, I guess.

Irina's trench didn't really excite me, but I understand why the judges liked it. I don't know if it was a winner, but sometimes those judges can be unpredictable! I was in near agreement with them on their choices for bottom 3. Their choice of Gordana, Nicholas and Johnny was decent, but I would have had Epperson instead of Gordana. His was a little too cartoon-y avant garde for my taste. The cape just kind of flapped around like a giant sail attached to the models shoulders. It was bizarre.

All in all, a good episode, don't you think?

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