Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Shoesday Tuesday Encore

A lot of you are probably wondering, "What shoes will be hot this fall?" The answer: ankle boots. Some call them booties, but it really doesn't matter what they're called as long as you have at least one pair. I've got mine: the black, the brown and the bold.

The first are a pair of lace-up oxfords that I love love love. The second is a brown patent with velveteen and the third is a platform spectator spat boot. I think I'll be good to go. Here's what's really cool- the three of these TOGETHER cost less than $60. I bought all three at Burlington Coat Factory, which tends to be pretty low-end in price and quality, with rare exceptions. All three of these I consider to be rare exceptions. If there isn't a BCF near where you live, may I recommend Endless.com? There are several great reasons to use Endless, the first being the cost of shipping is zero dollars BOTH ways. No joke! A lot of people don't like to buy shoes online because if they don't fit, you have to pay to return them. Not the case with Endless. Not only that, you have an entire YEAR to make the return. Just to get you started, may I recommend my "Top Five Endless Ankle Boots Under $50."

1.) First we have the Not Rated "Larger than Life Bootie" for $49.95. I love the different colors and textures- they add visual interest while ultimately maintaining the beige color scheme and the "neutral" status of these oxfords.
2.) Next up is the
A. Marinelli Estella Ankle Boot for $48.00. The gorgeous black suede is trimmed with metallic piping (p.s. metallics will also be HUGE this season- they already are, really). 3.) Third is the Lifestride Admire Ankle Boot for $24.72. I like the wrap-around leopard trim around the cuff. Animal prints can be tricky to incorporate, but adding just a splash here and there can really pack quite a punch. At this price of course it's not real (and neither is the leather), but that's to be expected.
4.) Our penultimate shoe choice today is the
Miss Me Bootie for $33.04 in red! Hot, hot, hot! I also love the detail of the side zipper. The patent finish (of the faux leather) and the color make for quite a statement, so make sure your outfit is appropriately subdued so that the shoe is the focal point. And just in case the red is a little too much for you, it's also available in grey for few more dollars.
5.) And finally, the last and favorite of the Top Five from Endless, we have the
Miss Me Esther Bootie in Cherry for $39.42. Pointed toe shoes always help to elongate the line of your leg, so that's definitely a plus with these boots, but I also love the elegant line at the ankle- the graceful, off-set v-drop is flattering on anyone's leg.
In addition to the great prices, and free shipping (both ways), you're going to love the set-up and viewing interface of the shoes on Endless. It's very detailed and extremely user friendly. The scroll-over zoom feature is fabulous and they give you every angle of the shoe imaginable! And whether your budget is $50 or $500, they'll have a shoe for you. Can you tell I love it? Two thumbs up!

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