Monday, September 14, 2009

I'm back...

...from camping. I am sooooo sunburned and tired, but it was a fun trip. I have no fashion pictures to show from that trip- there really are some circumstances where you just have to throw style out the window and camping at the beach is one of them for me.

However, the four days I just spent in the sand and sun hasn't diminished my excitement from my trip to New York. Here I am in front of the tents at Bryant Park on the first day of Fashion Week: (ignore my hair, please! Also, it's not the most flattering angle...)

Being in the city is so inspiring because no matter where you turn, there are fashionable and chic people on every corner. It's inspiring and a little overwhelming at times, but ultimately I wouldn't change it for the world. The problem I have is that when I find myself in the midst of all that fashion, I lose a little perspective. In my little bubble here in Lancaster, it's much easier to view the trends from an outside perspective. Basically, I view them with a critical eye and very carefully decide what works on my body and what I like and want to wear. For some reason, in New York, my judgement becomes clouded. For example, emphasis on the shoulders is very big right now, and it's a trend that I hate. Not hate. Despise. However, while in the city, I tried on a sweater that basically made me look like a linebacker and for a little while I considered buying it! Fortunately, Laura talked me out of it and thank goodness for that. In retrospect, I realized it was just the feeling of being trendy that sucked me in. We're all entitled to a moment of weakness every now and then, aren't we?

Have you ever had one of those weak moments? Did you go through with the purchase or was there someone there to talk some sense into you like Laura was for me? Usually it's Beth or Melanie, two of my besties, who offer a voice of reason in the fitting room. But with them so far away, I find myself making decisions on my own. Usually I think I get it right. Leave a comment and tell me about your moment of weakness! Help me feel like I'm not alone in this!

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