Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Project Runway- Episode 4

I know, I know- it's been nearly a week since this episode aired and I'm just now getting to it, but as you know I've been out of town for quite a while. I'm a little behind, people!

Anyway, this was such a fun episode- I always love it when they make the designers work with clients, especially demanding ones. Of course I feel bad for the designers who are paired with a client that will never in a million years want to wear one of their designs- the taste difference is just too wide. Remember Jeffrey and Angela's mom in Season 3? That was just painful to watch. At least this season, the designers are designing for clients that have perfect bodies. So often the client challenge involves "real women" and then the episode turns into the designers complaining about imperfect body types. I really don't like designers who want their clothes to hang on a woman the way they hang on a hanger. Real women come in all shapes and sizes, right? Right! I think the producers had an ulterior motive in making the models the clients- they have that new show "Models of the Runway" which I do not watch, but I'm guessing they were trying to incorporate the two shows for this episode. I could be wrong, after all, as I said, I don't watch the "Models" show.

Ok, back to the episode.

WIN: Althea Harper
AUF'd: Qristyl Frazier

I was surprised by the judges choice for both winner and loser in this episode. In general, I didn't find this runway show particularly inspired, and I guess that's why it surprised me that Althea won. I preferred Shirin's dress by far (among others), and I think there is just something about her aesthetic that speaks to me. It's very feminine with interesting details. Plus, she's cute as a button! Other favorites this week were Nicholas, Carol Hannah, Christopher, and Ra'mon.

Any of the least favorites of mine were mostly because I felt like I'd seen them before: Qristyl, Johnny, Gordana, and Louise, for example. I thought the craftsmanship on all four was nice, but none of the silhouettes were all that interesting, and the details didn't feel very fresh. Louise's huge ruffled collar was well-executed, but I feel like I've seen it before- in Christian Siriano's work, maybe? Gordana's detail on the front was really nice, but the dress was beige. Wasn't the challenge to make the model stand out? And she chose beige? Really? Johnny's was also pretty boring, the judges even referred to it as a bridesmaid dress. Ouch! In the end, I felt the worst design was actually Irina's. In my opinion, it was even more aging that Qristyl's! But the judges make the decisions and they felt that Qristyl needed to go. I'm really ok with it- she's actually been in the bottom quite a lot. If I were able to pick my favorite for a winner, it would probably be Carol Hannah- that dress was spectacular.

And on a final note, can we talk about the gratuitous shirtless Logan shots? I enjoyed them, for sure, and I think the wet hair was a nice touch as well. In the end, I'm glad his 50's goth dress didn't get him eliminated, but I do think his tight silver jeans had more to do with his staying power than his design. Until next week, then!

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