Monday, September 21, 2009

Red Carpet at the Emmy's- The best and the worst dressed according to Renee

So, the Emmy's were last night. I'm afraid I didn't watch them, but I did check out the red carpet a bit. There were some really fabulous looks and some really hideous ones, too. I guess that's par for the course. Anyway, here are my best and worst looks of the night:

BEST: Chandra Wilson. She looked stunning! Go, Dr. Bailey! Also, I'm really happy that the writers of "Grey's Anatomy" have given her character such a good story. The first couple of seasons I felt like she was sort of left by the wayside, but not anymore. But I digress....

1st Runner up: Olivia Wilde. This gown is so romantic! I love it!

2nd Runner up: Rose Byrne. Simple, but totally gorgeous.

Honorable Mention: This one's a tie: Aaron Paul and  Hayden Panettiere. For her an elegant gown in a stunning color. For him a great use of the 3-piece suit. I appreciate the deviation from the standard tux look.

And now for the worst dressed. Unfortunately, there were FAR too many of these to choose from.

WORST: Phoebe Price. Let's just let this look speak for itself:

1st Runner up: Nancy O'Dell. It's frumpy and boring. I just really hate this dress! Sorry, Nancy!

2nd Runner up: Angela Kinsey. This dress is AWFUL! The weird beading on the bust is bad enough, but the skirt is just a mess, too! Ugh! 

Honorable mention: This is another tie- this time a three-way between Elisabeth Moss, Jane Krakowski and Padma Lakshmi. Elisabeth has a gorgeous gown, but what's up with all those wrinkles? That's really the only offense of her look, and it reminds me of a story of a wrinkled gown in my career that is still haunting me. But that's a story for another day. Jane's is just so unflattering. But Padma's is too bizarre with the weirdo red flowers on her hip. It's like a red-hat lady outfit gone wrong. I know that sounds a little mean-spirited, but come on, Padma! You can do better. In fact, you frequently do on Top Chef! 

Well, there you have it- my best and worst of the red carpet at the 2009 Emmy's. What's your take on these? Agree? Disagree? Was there someone fabulous or horrifying that I missed? I wonder if we'll see any of these dresses being chosen on the Rachel Zoe Project next season....

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