Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shoesday Tuesday- Wedge Sandals

A few months ago, I was on a quest to find the perfect shoes for this summer at work. I wanted to wear feminine sandals with a slight wedge. Most of what I found was either a little too gladiator-esque or too flat or just too-something to make me really want to buy them. Of course, now that fall is just around the corner, I've not only found the exact style I was so desperately seeking, but they are a fabulous price:

Hanalei Holiday Wedge, Modcloth, $32.99

What did I do to deserve such bad shoe karma? Why couldn't I have found these perfect shoes in May? Now that it's the end of August, there aren't going to be many more opportunities for sandals. Soon it will be boots and tights and close-toed everything. I suppose I'll find the perfect leather knee-high boots in April. 

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