Monday, August 29, 2011

Accessories Anonymous: Watch It!

I've been wearing the same watch for a couple of years now and it occurred to me recently that it might not be a bad idea to have more than one watch. As it is now, if I break the one watch I own (and I've done that before), then I'm stuck without a watch at all. For some reason, I rarely think of my watch as a fashion choice aside from the fact that I tried to select one that looked and worked more like jewelry in terms of appearance. My current watch was selected for how well it works with my Tiffany's bracelet, a piece of jewelry I rarely remove.

Perhaps it's time to find a new watch (or two) to broaden my horizons a bit. I found a few that are quite striking:

There is something about rose gold lately that just sucks me in. It is so warm and rich and feminine. I love it! Sometimes true gold is just too harsh and bright, but rose gold has such a soft look to it. It's perfect. 

I love how this watch could pass so easily for just a pretty, sparkly bracelet. It's not an "every day" kind of watch, but it really could add a touch of funk to an outfit. 

Stuhrling Original Women's Fashion Watch, $78.99

This watch is so fun, I can hardly stand it! I love the wide look with the fabulous artwork on the clock face. It would be fun just to look at it all day! But alas, I don't think my boss would appreciate that type of work ethic.

Having lots of watches can be just like having lots of shoes or lots of  any fun accessory. Use it to enhance or complete your outfit and you can't go wrong! 

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Amanda said...

I'm hoping to buy a blingy watch for my 25th birthday, this December.

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