Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Navy on the Cape

This past weekend, I was with some amazing girlfriends and we had one of the nicest, most relaxing weekends I can remember. On Friday night, we enjoyed a lobster and New England clam chowder dinner with fresh summer corn and a cobbler for dessert. Saturday was spent lying around on the beach followed by a nice dinner out. On Sunday, we had a lovely brunch and then spent the afternoon shopping before heading back to our various homes. For me, it was the first Saturday I've had off since starting my new job and I really enjoyed the break. I think I might make a point of always taking a little mini-vacation in mid-August as long as I'm working in the bridal industry. It really helped me re-charge and I know this little bit of down-time will help me through the last few weeks of wedding season.

While on this fabulously relaxing mini-break, we spent most of our time in casual attire, primarily bathing suits or shorts and t-shirts. However, when we did get "dressed," there was a theme that seemed to dominate all of our outfits: navy. Of the five of us ladies in attendance, I believe all but one of us wore an outfit of navy when "out." It made me realize what a great color it is and how under-utilized it is, at least in my wardrobe. So, in honor of the fashionable women in attendance this weekend, may I present several navy outfits inspired by each of our navy outfits:

Beth- Navy

Beth wore a solid navy, feminine dress to dinner and accessorized with a lush brown leather handbag, and fabulous open-toe, high heeled sandals. A simple necklace finished off the look, but I mixed it up with a cool bracelet instead.


Amy- NAVY by rtboo featuring a mini skirt

Beth's sister Amy rocked a navy mini-skirt, fitted top and a flowy vest with really cool crochet details. Her open-weave flats kept the super-fitted mini in the PG-13 range and her funky yellow bag added a pop of color to the outfit.


Renee-NAVY by rtboo featuring an oval ring

With my combination of navy, white and a pop of yellow, you might think that Amy and I coordinated our outfits. But the truth is that we both just happen to have fabulous yellow handbags. Instead of a mini and cool vest, my navy and white combination involved a cool, striped halter dress and some tall wedges. I felt very feminine and cool in this look.

Adele- NAVY

If Amy and I were on a fashion wave-length together, Beth and Adele seemed to be channeling each others sartorial vibes as well. Adele's breezy, navy dress was perfect for our afternoon shopping excursion. She turned a simple dress into a luxurious look with an awesome belt and a Marc Jacobs handbag.

I, of course, did not take a single photograph all weekend. I was far too focused on relaxing and spending time with amazing women, and didn't take my camera out once during the entire trip. So, you'll have to take my word for it that we all looked as fabulous as these Polyvore sets imply. Do you have a fabulous outfit centered around a navy piece? Be it a dress, skirt, top or jacket, I'd love to see how you styled it. Send me a photo and I'll post it here on the blog!


Adele said...

Love all these outfits! I need more navy than just that dress, clearly. Great to see you!

Beth said...

Is it vain to say I love this post? Heck, I love this post! And it was a fabulous weekend.

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