Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beauty Product Review:

Not too long ago, I stocked up on some make-up while Sephora was having a huge sale. One new product I decided to try was the Stila One Step Primecolor:

I purchased it in "Kitten" which happened to be the color that was on sale at the time. It's also a color of Stila's that I love for eye and lip color, so I figured it would work for me. This product is intended to be used for pretty much any area of the face- lips, eyes, cheeks, etc. I've been using it on my cheeks and eyes as a base for blush and shadow. It is amazing! Because the color is fairly neutral on my fair skin, it just adds a touch of shimmer and a great base for the blush or shadow to cling to. On my cheeks, the effect is like a dewy glow. On my eyes, it's a gentle shimmer. This product will definitely be a part of my regular make-up routine from now on- I'm completely hooked! 

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