Monday, August 8, 2011

Beauty Product Review: Buxom Rock Stars

Sephora recently had a sale and I decided to take advantage of all the amazing prices. I'm not one to purchase items simply because they are marked down, but if my favorite products are discounted, I'll definitely take the opportunity to stock up. Or, if I know I like a certain brand, and I want to try another one of their products, I might do so when I can get that product at a hefty discount.

I spent a little over $50 on my order and I got:

Sephora Color Flip, $7 (I got THREE of these- one for me, one for my mom, and one more for good measure, since it was such an AMAZING deal. I figured someone I know will want it!)

While this is a LOT of make-up, don't worry- there's only one product I plan to talk about today- the Buxom Babes Rock Stars lip colors. I have been a HUGE fan of the Buxom Lip Polish for years. My every day lip color is Brandi and I make sure I am never without it. It goes on a bit sheer, but the color is still deep and the formula is definitely a decent plumper. I don't want to have duck lips or anything obscene, but this particular plumper makes my lips just a tad fuller. Also, it's a lip gloss that goes on smooth, lasts a long time and isn't too sticky. As a product in general, I'm hooked. Anyway, a single color in this product typically runs about $18, so when I saw that I could try out four different colors, albeit in smaller quantities, for only $15, I could hardly resist! 

The Buxom Babes Rock Stars is a collection of four fabulous colors: Gabby, Tonya, Julie and Blanche. None of these are colors that I would typically purchase, but that is exactly what was so appealing to me about them. Online, they all looked pretty wearable. In person, I was actually nervous about some of them. Tonya, for example is about as neon pink as they come, at least when you see the bottle. But when it's on, the color is surprisingly tame. The neon quality completely disappears once it's on and you are left with a pretty, pink, shimmery lip. I'll be wearing it for the rest of the summer, guaranteed. 

Another pleasant surprise was Gabby- I thought it would be too brown, but it's a luscious, deep, complex color with justa bit of brown mixed in with a plum wine. It will be perfect for a nighttime look- especially for a date! The other two- Julie and Blanche- are wonderful nude/pink colors. Both are shimmery, but neither is very dark, so they are great for daytime or to layer on top of a deeper color. 

Overall, I'm really happy not only with the product and how it works, but also with the way the colors flatter my skin tones. It's rare to find an amazing product that is also great in nearly every shade you try, so with Buxom Lips I really feel like I've hit the jackpot! 

As of right now, this package is still available for just $15, so snatch one up before the sale ends or before they're all gone! If you try this product (or use it currently), leave a comment and tell me what you think! 

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