Sunday, August 7, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 2

Ah, the infamous "Unconventional Challenge." I love this challenge, but you would think that the designers would learn after all these years, right? Even more upsetting than some of the designs was the judges totally insane reactions to them. For example, please tell me WHY, OH WHY was Bryce NOT eliminated for this hideous monstrosity:

Bryce's Look

Seriously? I understand that Joshua C's look was not amazing, but the difference to me is that Joshua C's design is something you might actually be able to purchase somewhere. Also, I thought the point of the unconventional challenge was to create something using unconventional materials that looks like it was made with conventional materials or at the very least, it doesn't look like it's made out of groceries or pet supplies or plants or car parts or whatever. I'm not a fan of Joshua C's design, but at least the wee-wee pads are disguised, unlike Bryce's look above. 

Joshua C's Look

Does it look dated, poorly styled and a little slutty? Yes, absolutely. Does it look like a dress made out of wee-wee pads? Not so much. Apparently, in the judges' estimation, clothing that actually looks like clothing is more offensive than totally unwearable. The other thing that irritated me about this decision was the fact that Bryce hardly even manipulated his materials. The wee-wee pads and hamster bedding were both blue to begin with. He simply glued the bedding to muslin to create an ill-fitting bodice and then layered lots of wee-wee pads on top of each other to create an ugly skirt. Meanwhile, other designers used dye techniques, braiding, weaving and all sorts of other methods to make the unconventional materials look beautiful. Which brings me to the top designers of the episode- Olivier (who pronounces his name "Oliver," btw) and Anthony Ryan:

Olivier's Look

Anthony Ryan's Look

Again, I'm irritated with the judges on this one. Anthony Ryan used the bird seed to create an absolutely stunning design. The effect on the neckline is truly impressive. Yes, it's a little too mini for most, but I find it hard to believe that would keep him from the win. Especially when contrasted with Olivier's design which is made using a dog bed. Again, it's the most conventional material choice you could make. I admit, he did a nice job creating an ombre effect with the hamster bedding skirt, but to say his overall look is superior? I disagree completely. 

Anyway, some other memorable moments for me were: 

Danielle's Look- Again, I'm impressed by the manipulation of the materials. This looks like acid-washed denim and loosely woven macrame. Well done, Danielle! 

Becky's Look- This is another one that should have been in the bottom, if you ask me. It's like Toucan Sam turned into a tacky party dress. Terrible. 

Julie's Look- At least she manipulated the materials, right? And if you recall the unconventional challenge involving car parts, there was a similar dress made using seatbelts. The difference? This one is just crafty- looking. I honestly don't know what the judges have ever seen in Julie's designs. Her southwest-themed outerwear is hideous. When did Aztec print and ponchos come back en vogue? I am NOT a fan. 

Joshua M's Look- Lucky for Joshua M, the 80's are back right now. The neon printed top is actually kind of cool and I agree with the judges (just this once) that it's actually a good pairing with that skirt. (Is it me, or is that skirt totally sheer?) The styling works for me, too, even if I would never wear this look. Unlike Fallene's design:

Fallene's Look- This week's winner for the the look I'd like to wear is Fallene. I know the judges thought her design was boring and the colors were outdated, but I actually liked the texture and color of the skirt. The top was very simple, but the belt was awesome. The silhouette would work well for me, too. 

Overall, it was another exciting episode, and I'm really enjoying this season a lot more than I expected to a few weeks ago. Leave a comment to let me know what YOU thought of the episode! 

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Maria said...

One thing I miss about PR when it was on Bravo is that the judges seemed to be looking for people with vision who were able to make something that looked new, fresh, and like they could take fashion into the future. Since PR got to Lifetime, the way to win seems to be to create looks that could be currently found in magazine editorial pages. To me, copying what is already out there does not make a designer. It makes a seamstress.

My winner for "I would wear that" was Viktor's (I think it was him) dress made out of pee-pee pads that he dyed shades of purple. He completely transformed the materials and I thought the dress looked great. OK, in complete honesty, I'd wear it if I were 15 pounds thinner. :)

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