Thursday, August 25, 2011

Accessories Anonymous: To Infinity and Beyond!

It's kind of sad, but I've already noticed a distinct drop in temperature around here. Fall will be here before we know it, and after that, many snowy days. I spent the day at the beach yesterday, trying to catch a few more rays before it's too cold for a bathing suit. But when it does turn cold enough for sweaters and wool tights and scarves, there is a great accessory I will be using: the infinity scarf. This idea has been around for a while and was quite popular last year during the colder months. Fortunately, it is a trend that has been able to survive another season. Infinity scarves are simply scarves that are connected at both ends, forming a circle. They are great for layering with a warm coat or to add a touch of style to an outfit and keep the chill off. Here are some great ones you may want to snatch up before the temperature really drop down:

The light floral print will keep that touch of summer that we all want to cling to as fall approaches. Pair it as pictured with a striped top to be even more trendy or keep it simple with a solid-print dress instead. 

Because of the oversize, bold print of this scarf, keep the top of your outfit simple and sleek- a classic blazer or scoop-neck top will look great with a pencil skirt and this scarf. 

Tie- Dyed Infinity Scarf, Old Navy, $10.99

The infinity scarf doesn't need to be bundled close around your neck all the time- drape it long and it acts as a soft, necklace-esque accessory. You can even layer some actual necklaces on top of it for added style. 

Striped Infinity Scarf, Erica's One Man Band (Etsy), $28

I love the bold punch of color and pattern this scarf offers. And to purchase something handmade is even more special, if you ask me. Much like the way it's styled on the model, this piece will look best against a solid backdrop of a black tee or sweater. 

Infinity scarves aren't solely for cold times of year- there are plenty of feather-weight options in lovely summery prints that help take the chill off when your boss cranks to AC at the office. Don't just wrap yourself in a boring poncho or cardigan- use a cool scarf to stay warm AND look fabulous. 

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