Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mad Men-Inspired Line from Banana Republic

The much-anticipated return of the next season of Mad Men has been delayed, but the capsule line from Banana Republic will still launch this month- August 11th to be exact. Click here to view a slide show of the collection.

Critics are saying the styling of this line is more 60's- inspired than the actual clothes and accessories. I am inclined to agree, however, I think it was smart of BR to create a line that is current as opposed to a bunch of costume-y pieces. In order for the clothes to sell, they need to translate to 2011, so to the critics I say, "Shut your trap and just enjoy the line."

These two dresses are my favorite looks in the entire collection:

I am usually partial to full-skirted silhouettes, but the color of the dress on the left and the print of the dress on the right were every bit as appealing to be as the shapes. I also really adore the neckline and bodice of the solid-color dress on the left. And while I may lean towards full skirts, there is a dynamite sheath dress in an amazing oversize houndstooth print that is making me drool:

It isn't all for the ladies, though- there are suits, sweaters, ties, and even fedoras for the gentlemen in this capsule collection:

The accessories are also really appealing- I especially love the leopard print bag and the multi-strand pearl neacklace:

Skinny ties and bow ties are both part of the collection for men and I'm thrilled to see them. I hope to see some guys around town sporting such a cool, retro look.

What do YOU think of the new line from Banana Republic? Are you a fan of Mad Men? Would you have noticed this line if it hadn't been associated with the TV show? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. I'd love to hear what you think!


Amanda said...

Love the first dress!!

company ties said...

I love fashion. Your blog has given me inspiration on what to do with my mom's old clothing. I can't actually get rid of those but the sixties look is definitely classic.

Funny Tshirts said...

I liked how women looks in those designs, it makes them look professional. Now fashion has definitely improved in many ways...

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