Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 4

This particular episode was a lot of fun to watch. I love Nina's brutal honesty throughout the entire process. And somehow with her beautiful lilting accent, even the harshest comments sound lovely. I suppose there is no agreeing or disagreeing with the winner of this episode, since it really comes down to what Nina would like to wear. But they said it best when the judges pointed out how Kimberly's look was great because of her simple styling. It showed off the fact that the outfit could speak for itself:

Kimberly's Look

Another personal favorite of mine (which also happened to be a favorite of Nina's) was Victor's design. Unlike Bert's LBD, this one was interesting and very striking. Bert's dress, while pretty, was a snooze-fest if I ever saw one. But let's not focus on that. Instead, let's focus on the beautiful details and tailoring of Victor's little black look. As you know, he did make separates, but in the same fabric so it looked like a dress: 

Viktor's Look

The only other thing I feel compelled to mention is the "accidental" purchase of the same fabric by Anthony Ryan and Becky. While neither scored high or low enough to be in the top or bottom, I was still disappointed that the judges didn't at least acknowledge the strange phenomenon. 

I personally prefer Becky's look: 

over Anthony Ryan's look: 

Becky's use of the fabric was more interesting and chic. Anthony Ryan's look was dated and other than the interesting shape of the skirt, pretty dull. Becky even turned the fabric on the bias so that the gradual ombre effect was in line with the diagonal charcoal stripe, whereas the most interesting thing Anthony Ryan did with it was to reverse the pattern on the collar. Overall, I just wasn't that impressed with him, but Becky's was a favorite. 

And now, the designers in the bottom- Cecilia, Julie and Danielle:
Cecilia's Look

Julie's Look

Danielle's Look

Cecilia and Danielle suffered from looks that were boring at best. Danielle's saving grace was probably that the garments were at least well-made, whereas Cecilia's dress was a wreck in terms of construction and fit. But then again, so was Bryce's dress: 
Bryce's Look

In my humble opinion, Bryce should have been in the bottom as well. The judges were probably just sick of giving him the same feedback and decided to just let him through. As for Julie, I feel bad for her because her dress was definitely in line with her aesthetic and it was fairly well made. Unfortunately, Nina hated it (and so did Michael), so she was auf'd. If it had been me, Bryce would have gone home for a boring dress and a botched hem. I have been surprised by the judges this season in terms of what they consider an auf-able offense. Sometimes you get through if you're crazy (Bryce) while other times you get through with poor construction (Bryce) and still other times you get through if you've made the voluminous half of a stilt-walking-dancer outfit (Bryce). Hmm.... I'm noticing a pattern here... 

But enough about that- I'm sure you're wondering who wins for the "Would I Wear It?" prize. This week, I would LOVE to wear Viktor's dress, which wins over Becky's by just a hair. Which one would YOU wear? Leave a comment and tell me! 

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Natalya's Closet said...

I LOVED this episode, and my two fav's were Kimberly and Becky's looks :). Great post! I can't wait for tomorrow night's episode!! XOXO,

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