Saturday, August 13, 2011

Air Force Inspired

In honor of the Portsmouth Air Show happening this weekend, I want to focus this post on clothing and accessories inspired by the military, specifically the Air Force.

I love the simple clean lines of a shirt dress, but I especially enjoy when there are military details like epaulets and pockets. The green reminds me more of the army, but the crispness of the look is military all the way. 

The idea of military-inspired fashion is not a new one. It's a trend that comes and goes very frequently, in fact. This jacket pictured above is a vintage 1960's jacket with amazing details. I love the huge collar (very 60's), but I especially love the button detailing on the sides. It's unexpected and striking, but still has that very polished look that we expect from military-inspired clothing. 

A-Line Denim Skirt, Forever 21, $19.80 

Finally, a little bit of blue, although in this case it's denim. I like the silhouette of this skirt and the fact that it goes with just about anything. Dress is up, dress it down- that's actually one of the great things about military- you can go dressy or casual with it, depending on the accessories you choose. 

I've never actually attended an air show, but I imagine they are pretty exciting- the power of the aircrafts as well as the skill of the pilots likely makes for quite a spectacle. Unfortunately, I'll be working, so there won't be any air show viewing for me this weekend. If you happen to go, please leave me a comment and tell me all about it- I'd love to hear all about it!

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Shannon said...

I absolutely LOVE military inspired fashion. That green dress is right up my alley! One of the "must make" projects on my list for this fall is a military coat/jacket. I'd love to do a dress, too. I might have to knock off the one you posted!

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