Friday, August 26, 2011

Houndstooth of the Baskervilles

No, this post has nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes. I stink at word play.

Anyway, I've noticed over the last few seasons that oversized houndstooth is everywhere. And I think I love it! Check out these fabulously bold pieces:

Clutch in Large Houndstooth, Tamra's Bag (Etsy), $25

Sequin Houndstooth Skirt, ASOS, $100.62

While I like the interesting color combinations of some oversize houndstooth prints out there, I have to say that given the boldness of the print itself, it's often best to stick with the classic black and white or grey and white version. Too much print plus a bold color can be very overwhelming. Try on different size versions of this print to see which one works best on your body's proportion. Or if you're unsure about wearing a top or dress in the print, try just an accessory like a scarf or a shoe or even a hat. The exaggerated print is what makes it trendy, though, so be sure to select a version of the houndstooth that is clearly oversize and not the classic version. 

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