Monday, August 1, 2011

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 1

Every Thursday night, I work until 8:00, then the girls and I always head out to Margarita's for some dinner. Add my 45 minute commute and by the time I get home, the last thing I'm going to do is watch 90 minutes of TV. That means it's not likely I'm going to have timely re-caps for this season of Project Runway. Since I can't promise my traditional format, I'm just going to write what comes to mind when I have the time to do it and hope you enjoy it!

This season's opening episode was really exciting- I enjoyed seeing the final selection process and I admit, I was happy with the designers they eliminated right off the bat. The remaining 16 designers seem to be a talented and skilled group with some personality, but design ability that will justify their being on the show. I hate when it seems like the judges have only kept someone for ratings instead of for design.

As for the results of the show, I'm livid with the judges for not eliminating Julie. Yes, Rafael and Joshua had horrendous designs, too, but Julie's didn't have a single redeeming element to it! It made me cringe when I saw it. My jaw dropped and I couldn't believe she sent it down the runway. I suppose she must have made it very clear to the judges that she did a terrible job. They probably chose to keep her because she knew her design was awful, whereas the other two seemed to stand behind their horrific looks.

Julie's look

I'm thrilled for Bert- I hope he remains a strong competitor throughout the show. His design was flawless!  And although Michael Kors didn't like the styling, I thought it was actually kind of cool- the aviators, the tousled hair- it seemed kind of effortless and chic.

Bert's look- WIN! 

 The other look I wanted to see in the top was Viktor's. His is a dress I would wear every day. I love it! The tailoring was impeccable, and the black details made it incredibly flattering and funky. It's a lot safer than Bert's look, which is the only reason I wouldn't say he should have won. 

I think that will be my thread when writing these PR posts- I'll try to pick one look each week that is my "I want to wear that" look. This week, Viktor is the winner: 

Viktor's look

Please leave a comment and tell me what YOU thought of the first episode of Season 9- I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions! 


Maria said...

I am already a Bert fan. What can I say? I love a comeback kid, and he's shown he's got the sewing chops.

Agreed on Viktor's dress -- although I think it would look cuter on you than on me, given our age difference. :)

I thought Miss Trinidad & Tobago's pants were awful -- I was so surprised the judges swooned over them! And I hated Julie's look, too. The whole effect looked to me like someone who threw a pajama top over a pair of hiking pants (and ugly hiking pants at that). The idea was to create something that doesn't look like pajamas.

Shannon said...

I second Maria. I loved Viktor's dress. I was amazed it didn't make the top three. I thought the second and third place looks were both forgetable. The beauty queen's pants were awful- ugly and unflattering. I can't believe Michael Kors didn't point out that the crotch was "insane!" And the zipper in the back was pretty bad, too.

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