Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UPDATE: Just Fabulous Shoesday Tuesday


Just Fabulous is pretty fast. Within hours of registering and completing their fashion personality quiz, there was a "boutique" ready for me. And here's a look at what is in it:

First, the shoes: 

I am a fan of just about all of these. "Daphne" has an open-weave lace-up back which I do not like AT ALL. Other than that, I think they're all pretty fabulous shoes. "Polly" is very similar to the Kelsi Dagger boot that I obsessed over last year. And obsessed. And obsessed. And obsessed. I never actually bought the Kelsi Dagger shoes. Maybe I should scour the internet and see if I can find them at a heavily discounted rate. If I can't find them, I might go for the "Polly." Too bad it's only available in grey and black. One of the things I love so much about the Kelsi Dagger booties is the rich aubergine color. Other than the color, "Polly" possesses many of the same qualities that make the Kelsi Dagger boot so great- the platform helps ease the heel height, the flower embellishment makes them more of a special, unique shoe, and the "v" in the front at the ankle makes them very flattering. They certainly are tempting, but if I can find the Kelsi Dagger ones at a bargain price, I'd rather have them. As for the rest of the shoes in my "Boutique," "Alicia," "Bronwyn" and "Daphne" all get high marks. I'd consider purchasing any of them. Daphne appears to come in a nude version as well as a rich tan. Unfortunately, at this time, black is the only option. You all know how I feel about a nude shoe and a nude peep-toe platform shoe is about as good as it gets. 

And now for the bags: 

Ok, friends, I'm going to need "Bliss," "Halo" and "Joy" under my tree this Christmas. Start saving your pennies and get on it. 

For a true side-by-side comparison, let me show you (again) the selections that were in my November showroom from Shoe Dazzle.

Between the two services, there doesn't seem to be any great difference so far. I prefer Just Fabulous right now because of the added features like the "Haute List," and the "video" and "celebrity" tabs. Although, Shoe Dazzle has an essential feature with the photos and stats of their bags- they show a picture of the interior and list the number and types of pockets in the extended description. Also, with shoes, Shoe Dazzle is careful to tell you about the fit- whether it fits true to size, or runs small or large. These are important features when shopping online, features that, in my opinion, are more important than a brief video showing the shoes in action. 

Any thoughts or feedback is welcome. I'm likely going to ask for another set of shoes- I might as well put them through the paces just like I did with Shoe Dazzle. It's only fair. 

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