Monday, November 15, 2010

Rate My Look- Getting Back in the Groove

I have been really terrible about taking photos of my outfits lately. Call me lazy, call me forgetful- either way you'd be right. But the past couple of days, I've been ready for work a little bit early AND the weather has cooperated for some nice outdoor shots with me and my tripod. (Side note: I love my tripod.)

Anyway, a few weeks ago, I spent the weekend with my friend Melanie and we did a bit of damage at good ol' Marshalls. I promised to take pictures of what I bought and then I never did! SLACKER!!! Well, yesterday I finally decided: today is the day I photograph myself in at least ONE item I bought on that shopping trip. So here it is after much anticipation, the new Cynthia Rowley felted wool jacket:

Is it precious or what? I love it- I've been wearing it ever since I bought it. Not only because I like it, but also because I have yet to unpack the wardrobe case that is currently holding all of my winter coats as well as my hats, gloves, scarves, etc. I have a feeling I'll be unpacking them very soon. Not every day is going to be as gorgeous as this one. In fact, get a better look at the amazing blue sky in the photo: 

The leaves may be past their peak, but I actually like how easy it is to see the blue sky between the empty branches of the tree. My favorite, though, is when those branches are covered in a layer of snow and the ground around them is pristine white. I enjoy the beauty of snow, if not the shoveling of it. 

Happy Monday, everyone! 


Totally Inspired said...

That jacket is ADORABLE!!! I love it. very nice look.
Mrs Hall In Training

Maria said...

I love the jacket! You look great! Also, I totally agree with you about snow.

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