Monday, November 22, 2010

Rate My Look- Black Saturday

As you know from this previous post, Saturday is the day we are required to wear black at the shop. I went shopping on Wednesday with my fabulous friend Beth and actually managed to find some major deals at Macy's. They happened to be having a one-day sale, so lots of items were marked down 50% or more. I got two black pencil skirts (one with tiered lace, the other pretty basic except for some adorable kick pleats), a black lace/ribbon/sequin dress and a fabulous lime-ish green faux-silk blouse. While I aimed to purchase only black items, I couldn't resist the green top- the price and the style were too much to ignore. For all four of those fabulous items, I only spent about $75. I also snagged an amazing pair of teal faux-suede high heels at a gem of a shoe store in Jamaica Plain. You are going to DIE for them when you see them, but you'll have to wait until next week's Shoesday Tuesday for that.

This past Saturday, I decided it would be a perfect day to try out the new dress. It has an elastic waist, which is great for comfort, but not so great for style. I covered it with a small black patent belt and then finished the look with black tights, my flat black boots, black flower cocktail ring and big, bold black earrings. I got plenty of compliments throughout the day from my coworkers. Since they are all such fashionistas, I was happy to get their seals of approval. But what about your seal of approval- do I have it?

Leave a comment! And then go to the THANKSGIVEAWAY post and leave up to three comments there for a chance to win an amazing papercut necklace. Happy Monday! 


Beth said...

I'm biased because, you know, I was there for the purchases, but the dress looks great! It is so cute and youthful and funky. Also, I can picture it going up a notch in sophistication with sexy pumps.

Melanie said...

Yo look Fantastic!!! I love it!

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