Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shoesday Tuesday- BOGO Boots

I'm not a millionaire. I earn a modest salary and try my best to live within my means. I would love nothing more than to have the trendiest shoes and clothes and accessories by all my favorite designers. But, like many people, I have a budget I need to stick to. And so there are times when I shop for shoes at Payless. Why? Because you do. Pay less that is. And if it's a BOGO sale time, once again you pay less.

After three weeks at the new job, I knew a couple pair of flat boots would come in handy. When the snow starts to fall, I'm going to need them to keep my feet dry and warm, but they need to be flat, or have just a slight wedge at the most because I'm on my feet literally all day. It's not an option to wear heels every day anymore! Anyway, I started looking around for a couple new pair of flat boots that would get me through the winter. I saw  these online the other day and thought they would be perfect- totally basic, but basically perfect:

Marley Flat Boot, Payless, $39.95

Since it happened to be a BOGO sale day, I thought it couldn't hurt to also look for some basic wedges. I remembered seeing these online and thought I would try them on because they sure are cute! 

I am glad I tried these on rather than ordering them straight from an online website. I put my right foot in the shoe and immediately decided it would not be an appropriate choice because it felt as if I was walking on a block of wood. I imagine at the end of a long day in these shoes, I would want to cut my feet off. Fortunately, I was also eyeing another pair of those boots and decided to take advantage of the BOGO by treating myself to two lovely pair of boots. I ended up buying one pair in the brown (pictured above) and a second pair in grey: 

I already have a pair of flat black boots, so I think I've covered all my bases in the boot department. At $59.98 for both pair, I think I did pretty well! I hope they are comfortable for the long days I spend on my feet, but you can bet I'll report on them once I've given them a test run or two. 

And now for #ShoesdayTuesday: this week I want to hear about the shoes that YOU wear to work. Construction boots? Crocs? Stilettos? Whatever it is, I want to know. I don't care if they're the most fashionable or the least fashionable- all I care about is that you tell me! Maybe you work from home and your "shoes" are actually a pair of fuzzy slippers! Feel free to either tweet a picture or simply tweet a description. Either way, I'll be happy. And remember to include the hashtag: #ShoesdayTuesday

Happy tweeting!

Ok, it recently occurred to me that not everyone out there knows what a "hashtag" is. You could Google "hashtag" and find out all the technical information about what they are and how they work (and I recommend you do), but the simple explanation is that they help organize tweets. For example, let's say there's a big event coming up at a local venue. The organizers of the event might establish a specific hashtag for the event. Anyone who wants to search Twitter for information about that event simply needs to type the hashtag into the search field and every tweet with it will be filtered into the search results. It's kind of amazing, actually. So, when I tell you guys to tweet with the hashtag "#ShoesdayTuesday, it's so that I can search Twitter to find your tweets! That way, even if I don't follow you (or vice versa), we can still find each others tweets. Make sense? Give it a whirl! 


Anonymous said...

I wear sneakers and clogs. As a music teacher, I am on my feet moving, singing, dancing, hauling instruments around, and playing with the kids. On days I have Pre-K and K, I definitely wear Nike or Asics (cross trainers preferably) in GREY! On other days a pair of Clarks clogs: love them!!

Thanks for the definition of hashtag, I'm a noob when it comes to Tweets and had no idea what that was!


Renée T. Bouchard said...

Not a noob. Gwen, you are AWESOME.

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