Friday, November 12, 2010

Rate My Look- Casual Friday

Not every day is all about being glamorous. Living back in cold New England, I've finally come to understand Uggs. And while I don't have an authentic pair myself, I am starting to come around in terms of understanding and appreciating what they do.

What Uggs (and F'Uggs) Do:
- They keep my feet warm and cozy.

What Uggs (and F'Uggs) Do NOT Do:
- They do not look nice.

It's a trade-off, for sure. They are completely unflattering and very clunky/sloppy looking, but on a cold, blustery day, there's no other shoe that I want to wear. Even more stylish boots are not as appealing when I know I don't have to be anywhere in particular.


Anonymous said...

The boots may not may you look good, but you make the boots look great! You wear them well, and I love your casual style!

Maria said...

What I never get is the Uggs/bare legs/miniskirt or Uggs/short sleeve top thing. If I'm cold enough for Uggs, I'm in a turtleneck and heavy sweater. (But then, my internal thermometer has been set on cold ever since I can remember.) All that said, you look adorable as ever, Uggs or no Uggs. :)

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