Thursday, November 11, 2010

Favorite Trend: Tie-neck Blouse

Vintage and retro styles have made a comeback like you wouldn't believe. Shoe clips and gloves are two all-the-rage accessories that are incredibly hot right now. 50's and 60's silhouettes were all over the runways a couple of months ago, so we know we'll be seeing them for a while. One vintage/retro trend that I am thrilled to see come back is the tie-neck blouse. When done the right way, it can be a really fabulous look. When done the wrong way, you can end up looking like your grandmother (which may or may not be a bad thing, I suppose). Here are some tie-neck blouses that I think are fabulous:

MNG by Mango Tie-Neck Blouse, JC Penney, $29.94

As you can see, this style of blouse is available in a variety of colors, fabrics, prints, and price points. I like this type of blouse because it is a great layering piece. A simple cardigan or blazer can really pull a look together and help this unstructured style have a bit more shape to it. Do you love the idea of this kind of blouse, but you aren't quite sure how to create a look around one? Here are some outfit ideas to get you inspired: 


RetroGlam by Rtboo featuring a pencil skirt

I love this look- it's very sophisticated and has the retro-glam vibe while still feeling fresh and modern. The muted tones of the outfit make it appropriate for this time of year as well. Top it off with a dark overcoat and wear it to a chic dinner party or even out to a swank bar with the girls. 

I love this "Not-so-basic Basic" outfit. It's a perfect all-day outfit- and yet SO much cuter than just a t-shirt and jeans. This top and the accessories create an outfit that makes a fun, quirky statement. Who says you have to look boring when you go to the grocery store anyway? I love the boldness of the red top, and the structure of the frame bag- it's just such a sweet overall look. Add the oversize cocktail ring and the animal-print shoes and the outfit suddenly has just a touch of edge that helps balance it all out. 

I love this monochromatic outfit- in fact, I love a well-done monochromatic anything- a well-designed room, an outfit, even artwork or advertising. I think when it is well-done, it can be sophisticated, but fun. It is a bold endeavor, wearing these bright shades of coral and red, but so fun, too! However, if you're not quite ready for such a bold color statement, try the same concept in a neutral: 

Now, aside from look #2, most of these are pretty dressy looks, but that's not to say all tie-neck blouse looks need to be dressy. This layered version is effortless and simply lovely: 

I hope by now you're starting to get a knack for putting together an outfit with a tie-neck blouse. They really are versatile and incredibly feminine. And just because I used mostly slim silhouettes like pencil skirts and fitted jeans, doesn't mean that a full or a-line skirt or a wide-leg trouser wouldn't work just as well. It's all in the mix and how you put the pieces together to create a flattering silhouette for YOUR body. So why not try this fabulous trend? You just might like it! 

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