Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rate My Look- Rebel Without a Cause

You know how skinny jeans are all the rage right now? Well, I'm throwing caution to the wind and wearing.. drum roll, please... WIDE LEG TROUSER JEANS!!!

I am such a rebel, I can hardly stand it- next thing you know, I'll be riding off into the sunset on the back of a Harley. Just kidding. If you ever see that happening to me, call 911- I've been kidnapped. Not that I have a problem with Hell's Angels or anything, it's just not my style. But I digress... back to my outfit. 

You all know I've been challenged with adjusting my wardrobe to accommodate FLAT shoes and boots. It is no small task. I have lived the last four years in sky-high heels, but the amount of time spent on my feet at my new job just doesn't allow for it. The shoes and the jeans in this photo are both new and purchased specifically for my new work wardrobe. The shoes came from a new DSW that opened in the next town over. They sent me a coupon for $15 off a purchase of $49.95 or more. I must have tried on every pair of low-wedges in black, grey and brown in the entire store. Finally, these by Dr. Scholl's passed the test: 

While a super-basic shoe is not something I typically go for, I made an exception with these in the hopes that I will get a lot of miles out of them in the next few months. I've already worn them to work twice since I bought them. What I like about them is the fact that they are not flats- even that little 1-inch wedge makes a difference to me. They also happen to be the perfect height for my new wide-leg trouser jeans. (Segue...)

The local Salvation Army has a sale every Wednesday- they pick a certain price tag color and discount it even more. For some reason, the things that I like are never the right color- I always end up paying full price, but since I'm at the good ol' Sal's, that's not saying much. For example, these jeans were only $6.99. They're incredibly comfortable and I like that they are a dark wash. They are very high-waisted, which could make for an interesting retro-look if I wore a top tucked into them. Very Katherine Hepburn, if you ask me. The hem had fallen out of one of the pant legs, but it only took about two minutes to remedy that once I got them home and laundered. I debuted them at work yesterday to rave reviews. And they were comfortable for a long day, to boot. 

Since my outfit was pretty basic, I decided to add on some fun accessories in bold colors: 

(Please excuse my shiny skin- I took this photo last night when I got home from work.) 

The bright earrings and cocktail ring helped me feel a little less blah. Although some people might say the polka dots should have been enough, more is more in my world. Yesterday evening at work, Kerry, one of the sales consultants said, "I love when a new person starts because we all get to see their fashions every day." I said I feel the same way, except in my case, everyone else is "new" to me, so I get to take in all of THEIR fashions. It's true that it's a stylish place to work. Liz, the company owner, sets the tone for a stylish and professional workplace and everyone follows suit, but with their own unique taste. I've got co-workers who vary in their personal style from rock n' roll, to vintage/retro, to ultra feminine, to everything else you can imagine. 

The only major fashion restriction we all face is wearing black on Saturday. I'm determined to find some fun and funky ways to make sure black is never boring. Maybe I'll have to do a little creating at the sewing machine... 

Enjoy your "hump day" today! 


Beth said...

I love those jeans on you. And those wedges are more than basic- the faux-snakeskin takes them notches above. Very nice!

Susan said...

I like the whole ensemble. I think both skinny jeans and wide legs work right now. The wide leg look has a nice, structured retro feel. You look great!

Steph said...

Skinny jeans are the thing to wear now? Hm. Interesting. Give me a pair of K.Hep pants any day.

Renée T. Bouchard said...

Thanks, ladies! :)

Beth- I agree, I think my "super basic" remark was not entirely accurate.

Susan- I, too, like the structured retro feel of wide-leg, high waist pants.

Steph- I don't mind skinnies, in fact, I recently purchased my first pair, but the K. Hep style is definitely more flattering.

Thanks for stopping by, ladies! :)

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